Thursday, March 5, 2015


around here i got home from my visit to wisconsin on monday and it felt so good to be back and see my little babes who plays with legos with a hood and minnie ears on. but seeing my girlfriend and her new baby gave me mad newborn fever. why can't they stay that precious and tiny forever? and the twins? they ran circles around me. boy can those guys move.

around here we had 77 degree yesterday and i was running around in shorts and a tank top. today is 32 and rain/sleet mix. the heat is back on and i'm not loving it.

around here i'm taking pictures of the house and getting her in order for an update on this here blog of what she looks like. i know i said i would have it to you already but addison was so so sick (like everything she ate came back up) last week and sometimes life gets in the way of sharing the fun things.

around here...i had the BEST bloody mary with my mom when she dropped me off at the airport on monday. literally an entire meal in a glass. that might have to be a regular stop on the way to and/or from the airport from now on.

around here andrew and i got eachother the fitbit flex for our anniversary a week ago. now instead of watching a tv show at night i'm running around trying to get in the rest of my steps before the day is over. call me crazy but a little bracelet on your arm is the best motivation to get moving.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


sorry about the silence over here the last few days. i went back to wisconsin for the long weekend and though my intentions of having posts prescheduled were good, the only one that actually happened was saturday's link post. and visiting family and friends trumped blog posts apologies.

let's start talking about those goals for february. i stretched myself too thin. i had a feeling i was going to when i published them a month ago but i didn't realize how little i would get done until the month was two thirds over. i only drank a glass of lemon water every morning for maybe two weeks but i did start eating a lot healthier and cooking for my family a lot more so i'm really proud of that. in fact i even started working out almost every day too and in order to maintain this healthy streak i'm trying to stick to, i created a new instagram account to hold myself accountable. you can follow me @eathappyfeelhealthy if you're interested.

what else? addison's one year old birthday pictures weren't taken but we only have the weather to blame. it was all scheduled ready to go and the day we were supposed to take them it poured and was dark and miserable out. then i was out of town for a weekend and andrew was out of town the weekend after so they are getting done this month. i finished addison's baby book and while i'm on that for a second, why is it that baby books are made to document every little thing for the first twelve months and then after that, the only pages left to fill in are two, three, four, and five year old birthday parties? is everything else just irrelevant after one year? i'm trying to find a way to keep up with everything going on with her now that the baby book won't quite work. moving on...

i read one book and started a second but didn't finish it, the spring break invitations are drafted in my head but not on the computer or printed or sent out yet, and four of the five 28 before 29 projects were made this month, just not blogged about yet so you can expect project posts in your near future.

i want to play catch up in march from everything i didn't do in february so i'm keeping my goals light. some fun stuff, some of what i'm already doing and want to maintain, and some decorating of the house.

c'mon march...let's make it count!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


what are you up to this weekend? i'm in wisconsin all weekend! i'm sure i'm freezing my butt off right now but it's worth it 110% because i get to see my family and all my friends (and my best friend had a baby so that's what i'm mainly there for)! hope you have a terrific weekend and here are some links i've been loving lately...

this swimsuit. it's perfect for hot boat days. not that we have a boat but you know...

day in the life of a fashion bloggers husband. i lololololed a lot here.

a girl who rocked her dress like none other at the oscar's.

a couple tips to get bikini body ready.

it's cold.

a cool way to announce the gender of your unborn baby.

how to lose weight in four easy steps (another good #lol).

clean your house in 15 minutes #possible.

turn your instagram pictures into temporary tattoos.

because i'm flying this week.

and in case you missed it, my new (additional) instagram feed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


three years of marriage.
two homes and states.
one beautiful baby girl.
and a great love that soars every day.

thank you for the amazing three years of marriage andrew and the six beautiful years of being together. i can't wait to see the rest of the adventures god has in store for us!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


i am documenting a little of 2015 with some of mine and addison's favorite things each month.

here's what addison and i are doing (and loving) in february.
drinking: coffee darker than my usual // from her zoo cup
eating: a banana every morning // animal crackers
playing with: my new stamp // her baby doll
wearing: slippers all the time // only one shoe usually
reading: the body book // rosie revere engineer

interested in past months? january

Monday, February 23, 2015


....and we are thriving in our new home!! shooting a few shots of how we decorated our new space today and tomorrow and will be sharing on the blog later this week!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


our first home was a teeny little guy. it was the perfect bite sized home for our little bite size family. it had three bedrooms; a master bedroom (there was nothing master about it), addison's bedroom - slightly larger than a walk in closet, and our office/catch all room which was where we pretty much stored all my clothes and the majority of the crap we didn't know what to do with (just being real).

we only had one bed and when we had company stay over...well that never actually happened. maybe a girlfriend of mine would spend the night if she had one too many or my sister would sleep over when andrew was out of town to help with addison when she was a baby baby but that was the extent of our people staying the night.

then we moved five states away. and hey, we needed a guest bedroom! okay, cool let's do it right? even better, let's get two guest bedrooms. plus an office. plus addison's room. plus a master bedroom. as if three bedrooms weren't difficult enough to decorate, we now have five. and with five (dear lord) bedrooms comes more furnishings. and with furnishings comes decisions. and money. and choices.

then not even one month into us living in our new abode, we had our first group of visitors. not one, not two, but three people staying eleven days with us. so we did what anyone would do...two people got our bed from our old bedroom, we speed ordered a mattress with good reviews for our second guest bedroom and we overnighted a lovely air mattress for ourselves until we found a bed that we really liked (because if you're going to spend that kind of money and time on one piece of furniture, for the love of all that's good and mighty do it right).

we have gone mattress shopping countless times. we sit on a few and either cringe at the price or lay there long enough to realize we both are uncomfortable. then we usually give up and go for a bite to eat because food makes bed shopping that much more bearable.

moral of the story is we are STILL sleeping on that bloody air mattress. the one we bought in december. it's not that we're lazy and don't want to get a real mattress (trust me i'm DYING for a normal mattress) but it's probably the most frustrating thing ever to shop for. worse than jeans. and jeans shopping sucks the life right out of me. our air mattress has served us well but her time is up soon. today marks the three month anniversary of her living in our master bedroom and i'm seriously going to give her the boot any day now.

dear mattress gods, please send us a good one this weekend.

recommendations are encouraged if you're getting a good night of rest.

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