Saturday, December 20, 2014


what are you up to this weekend? andrew's side of the family got in to town this past wednesday and our weekend and upcoming week are packed with fun things to do and show them around our new town! then they leave and my side of the family comes to alabama. what once was a quiet household is now buzzing like crazy and will be for the next few weeks! hope you have a really great weekend (and get that last minute shopping in) and here are some fun links i found from around the web...

would you ever live like pinterest for a week?

the one word you should never say to guests in your home.

i'm all about this napping at work movement.

how to email a busy person.

the random little thing i would love for christmas.

a stunning holiday dress that will knock your socks off.

layering of text and pictures can be such a beautiful thing.

thinking about giving this a shot for addison in the kitchen.

wanting to try something marbled soon.

makes me smile.

"you can love being a mother...and still hate being addressed as "mom" or "mommy" by someone who isn't your child." - a good good post on motherhood.

a really cool hanging planter that i might have to have.

Friday, December 19, 2014


i have used shutterfly for every type of personalized cards i send out. last year christmas cards (and the years before that) to birth announcements, shutterfly is definitely my go-to. so i didn't have to think twice this year who i would use to capture the memories of our little girl during this magical season. i had a hard time picking out the design (they have SO many cute ones this year!!!) but i love how our 2014 christmas card turned out.
we got them out the door last week (or at least all the ones we had) and now comes the fun part: getting the mail every day to see everyone else's cards.

also does anyone ever have the problem of ordering either too many cards or not enough cards? guilty here. last year i ordered way too many and this year i didn't order enough so instead of just reordering a few more, i switched things up and made another design for those who didn't get the first round. i'll share that one with you next week once i know all those people received their cards.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


with my new job as a stay-at-home mom in a new-to-me state, i've had a lot more time to do the things i wished i could do with my baby when i was working full time.  not only do i want to learn my new area but i am also excited to spend more quality time with addison doing new things.  here's a list of things if you need to get out of the house with your little one for an afternoon!
  1. take a walk around the neighborhood
  2. visit the local park (especially for swinging on the swing set)
  3. go to the lake and feed the ducks
  4. visit your local farmers market
  5. go to the beach and build sandcastles
  6. window shop at the mall
  7. go to the library or bookstore and let your little one pick out their favorite books (or let her tear those bookshelves apart)
  8. visit the aquarium and look at all the fish
  9. run to the post office - my little girl loves going there!
  10. find your nearest target and play in the toy aisle
  11. find a delicious restaurant to dine at for lunch
  12. see the animals at the zoo (most zoos have free admission days during the week)
  13. get your grocery shopping done (and watch how amazed your baby is with everything in the food store)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


image: design sponge

i've been a big fan of indoor simple plants since i moved in to our previous house four years ago. i was completely intrigued with people who could keep those gorgeous potted beauties alive and always thought if only i could. well i never knew if i could because i never tried but lately they've been on my mind again.

i've rounded up a few examples of how they're styled in homes because they are just gorgeous! these imaged have definitely inspired me to give it a shot myself.
i love that these little green guys are what add the color into the picture. allllll white and then a little greenery for the green eye.
what a genius idea to build a plant stand on top of a plant stand!!
image: old brand new blog
these plants don't even look real. so gorgeous and i love that they're bunched together on a bench.  like they're pals and they have lots of stories and years of secrets together.
image: her new tribe
this corner is simply perfect. the different heights of the plants add lots of element plus it's only one corner of the house to remember to water instead of running around with a watering can hope you didn't miss any plants.
image: breanna rose
i'm a huge fan of adding nature into the top of a bookshelf/case. adds just a little something extra to your other beloved treasures.

what do you think? would you bring succulent plants into your home? and to all your vets out there, any tips to make them thrive in your space?

Monday, December 15, 2014


for the three nights after that we stayed at my in-laws place while they were out of town then moved to a hotel downtown. it was really weird living in a hotel in your hometown but it sort of felt like a staycation (even though i was still going to work everyday). i definitely didn't hate it though.

my last day of work was wednesday november 5th and on friday november 7th we started our drive down to alabama. we stopped in kentucky that night, got to alabama and spent the night there on saturday night, then drove down to florida on sunday for the week since andrew had to do some work down there. since we couldn't get in to our house until november 18, we obviously tagged along because hello...beach. can't argue with that one.

we drove back to alabama on a sunday, closed on our house on tuesday and the movers showed up with everything we own wednesday.

and we are finallllllly in our home!!!  we are incredibly grateful to have more space than a hotel room. three people and a dog get a little cramped and nobody is happy after three weeks in hotels, trust me on that one. jack is crazy happy about having a fenced in backyard and extra rooms that he can go hide in when he's tired of addison. i feel completely relieve that a) we have our own washer/dryer again and b) we have all our boxes unpacked and it's slowly starting to feel like home.

thanks for reading! you guys truly have rocked the last few months and i couldn't have done all this without your support!

here is part one and part two of our moving story in case you missed it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


as fun as it is to go on dates with addison during the day, sometimes there are days when it's so dreary outside that staying in sounds much more appealing. here are some ideas to do with your baby if you find yourself stuck inside the house for the day.
  1. make a blanket fort in the living room
  2. take a bubble bath
  3. stack cups and let her knock them over
  4. play music loud
  5. and sing to her
  6. and dance with her
  7. play in the mirror - addison loves watching herself and her different motions in the mirror
  8. play peek-a-boo
  9. read books together
  10. take out some of the tupperware and let her play music with the bowls and wooden spoons
  11. have a photography session
  12. give her new foods to try and let her get messy
  13. play with the dog
  14. play airplane
  15. blow bubbles
  16. play with all the straws
  17. play dress up - we like to do past halloween costumes
  18. make crafts with her (thanksgiving hands, footprint pictures for grandparents, etc.)
  19. go through tunnels
  20. sing songs with lots of motion like "the itsy bitsy spider"
  21. have her "help" with folding the clean laundry
  22. paint her nails
  23. (make and) play with a busy board
  24. practice sign language
  25. pull out all the pots and wooden spoons and let her make her own music
  26. make a peek-a-boo board
  27. practice walking with her holding your fingers

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


if you've been here for a bit, you already know that i love setting goals and challenges for myself. you also know though that i hardly ever follow through with them completely. and it's bad and i'm tired of it. it seems like i get bored quickly with my goal/challenge or don't have time to focus on it or simply forget about it.

2015 is going to be different. and i am so excited about the changes i'm going to make and the goals and challenges that are going to come from it. i'll share them once the new year starts...maybe some of my tips will help you too.

2014 was a busy busy year for us. there was a new baby, a new car, a new job, a new state, a new house. it's no wonder i accomplished none of my goals this year. i was too busy trying to keep up with everything that god was challenging us with to work on my own challenges.

as of two weeks ago, i've started writing out a to-do list every monday morning of things i want to accomplish throughout the week. it's got everything on there from reminders (addison bath mon, wed, fri - garbage day wednesday trash!!) to big things i want to finish up (write, stamp, and mail christmas cards - paint the rest of addison's room). both weeks i've gotten about 90% of the tasks completed. i feel like that's pretty good considering the list is typically a page and a half long.

along with these weekly tasks lists, i've also started working on my goals for 2015 and where i want to focus my energy toward. i can't wait to see how this all pans out because i have really big plans for this new year and i get giddy about them every time i even think about my new goals!

before i started writing this i was perusing around pinterest and saw this quote.

if i wasn't already excited about my new goals and new challenges, this quote got me really really anxious for what the new year will bring. i don't want to look back five years from now, or even one year from now, and realize i didn't achieve everything (or anything) that i wanted to.

do you ever find yourself stuck in this situation? any tips on how to stick to those goals or challenges that you give yourself? recently i read this post by elise and she NAILS it. i think it's part of the reason why i always quit halfway through...the middle just isn't as fun as the start.
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