Thursday, September 15, 2016


the last of the boxes have been unpacked and we're slowly settling in to this new place we are learning to call home. seeing as this is now our third house we've lived in, i'm realizing you can't just walk in to a house and call it home. you have to get to know it; learn the house. and let it learn you.

over the last two weeks, i've come to understand its sounds. like when it sounds like someone is rapping their hand against the front door, it's really the air conditioner kicking in (that one scared the life out of me the first time). or when there's a small "sssssssss"ing sound, the oven is just taking its sweet time to warm up. or when it sounds like the door is slamming to the garage, that really is my toddler letting herself out and i've learned to use the deadbolt pretty quickly.

pictures and wall decor are starting to make their way out of the bubble wrap and on to the walls, one 3M strip or nail at a time and i'm liking it. for the first week, we didn't have anything on the walls and it was driving me crazy. the echoing in the house was too much and it felt like we were living in a box.

the week before we moved from our old house, i sold almost all of our furniture. our beds and dressers stayed and a few other odd end pieces but everything else went on craigslist. we moved from a five bedroom house to a much smaller three bedroom place and as much as we loved the pieces we had, it was also time to let go of them and start fresh. the hand me down dining room table and chairs that needed a little more lovin' than i could give them, our old ikea couch that had one too many spills on it (thank heavens for covers that just came off and were popped right into the washer), our guest bed that we didn't have a room for anymore. my point is, between the lack of things on the walls and absolutely no furniture in the living room until a few days after we moved in to our new place, it was making me a little nutty.

i'm typically one to take my time with unpacking and decorating. i mean, really what's the rush? we're not going anywhere right? well this time it's different. i wanted to get boxes unpacked and make it feel like ours asap for two reasons. one- we have kids now and as much as i like to take my time unpacking and organizing, i would much rather make the place feel like home right away for them and go explore our new city. two- we aren't going to be in this house long. it will likely be less than two years before we move again and luckily we knew that when we decided to relocate so we're renting until we figure out where we want to settle down. plus it will be so so nice to not have to deal with selling a house again. it is strange though to rent a house. i've always been able to make the place mine because i've never rented a house. normally my first thought is paint color and replacing a light fixture or what we're going to do with the kitchen or how we're going to change this or that. now i don't have to think about any of that stuff and it's a nice welcome.

all that to say we're getting to know this new city and home. it's a slow process and one that hasn't not had its pitfalls and rough days but we're working through it all as a family. and that's just the way it was intended to be.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


up until a few months ago, i've always used johnson's shampoo. i never really did my homework when it came to shampoo and since johnson's has always been such a big name in products for babies, i just assumed it was a good one. i was talking with a hairdresser a few months back and we were discussing going more natural with things we use in our everyday. i'm slowly converting everything we have to all natural and safer products so i'm constantly getting into these conversations. we talked about everything to from the products we clean with to the foods we eat to, you guessed it, shampoos and body washes. she told me all about not only johnson's brand but so many other brands that use toxins and chemicals in their products and how they're the worst to use.

i started doing my homework on this and found that there are so many toxins and chemicals used in certain shampoos and body washes that we use on our babies. i try not to use shampoos or washes that have chemicals for myself so i certainly don't want to put toxins or chemicals on my children. i started testing out a bunch of different washes that were organic and best in the industry and i decided to share six of my favorites with you in case you're looking to make the switch too. all of these shampoos double as body wash so it's more for your money!

babo botanicals: all their products are produced on an organic farm in upstate new york and use 100% natural fragrances.

cetaphil baby: i've used their face wash for years now and love it. all of their products are organic and the baby products contain a secret ingredient of organic extracts from a marigold flower.

honest shampoo and body wash: though their line doesn't contain 100% all natural ingredients, it's safe to say their baby washes do so i definitely feel comfortable using the honest baby wash on my kids.

shea moisture head-to-toe wash & shampoo: the shea line contains safe surfactants and are scented only with essential oils.

skinfix: it's all botanical based ingredients are fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and tear-free. it's one of the best washes (in my opinion) for babies who deal with eczema flare-ups.

aden & anais: this wash helps with delicate skin and is phthalate-free, paraben-free, and gluten and soy free. plus it makes the girls skin feel so so soft afterwards.

Monday, August 15, 2016


if you follow me on instagram or snapchat (erincampbell225) you know that the girls and i were in milwaukee for the month of july. we had the very best time here. both andrew and i are originally from here but every time we come back, there is something new to try or see. this city is just booming lately so before we came up here, i made myself a milwaukee bucket list of places to eat. i didn't get to every single thing but i definitely got through a good majority of them. i thought it would be fun to share a little guide of things to see and places to eat for your next trip to milwaukee!

some things to eat around milwaukee

the outsider - more of a bar atmosphere with really good small plates but really you're going for the view and the drinks. it's the best view of milwaukee on this rooftop bar.

the yard - attached to my favorite hotel in milwaukee, the iron horse. best atmosphere.

wolf peach - the cuban highball cocktail is the best thing i've ever tried. plus the food is absolutely spectacular. i wish i would have known about this place when we lived there. and it's right on the river too. this restaurant is honestly so lovely.

pizzeria piccola - the cutest little pizza place in downtown wauwatosa.

kopps - the best soft serve custard you will ever have in your life. like we had this at our wedding instead of cake and people still talk about it to this day.

saz's - this place is such a classic for the cheese curds or mozzarella marinara. the best time to go though is for sunday morning brunch. their spread is to die for.

storyhill bkc - i went here three times in the course of two weeks, absolutely stupendous!

nite owl - get the burgers!

ruby tap - you tap your own wine. need i say more?

engine company no. 3 - an old firehouse turned into a restaurant. most delicious breakfast
some things to do in milwaukee

milwaukee county zoo - one of the greatest zoos ever.

hart park - a huge jungle gym area plus splash pad plus walking distance to downtown wauwatosa.

betty brinn museum - this little kids museum blew addison's mind. she seriously could have played here for hours if i would have let her.

milwaukee art museum - also known as the sexiest building in the world. you'll understand once you see it. the art is pretty good too ;)

milwaukee public market - the market has a shop for everything and some restaurants too!

wauwatosa farmers market - small and quaint but has wonderful options and produce and iced coffee.

jazz in the park - every thursday night in the summer there is a gathering downtown with food/drink trucks and people sit around the grass and listen to live music. it's such a fun time!

summerfest (if you're there at the end of june/beginning of july) - there's something for everyone here at the biggest music festival in the world.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


(picture unrelated but one of my favorites taken last month)

anybody out there? i haven't been in this space in gosh too long and now i'm not sure if it's even worth it to come back but here i am. you know, it's funny because people always say you get busier when you have another baby. but what they don't tell you is not long after baby number two comes around, your husband will encounter a total career change and uproot to a different city without you and your kids.

let's back up.

2016 has been a really stinking good year. probably one of my favorite years yet. we were gifted with amelia in december and watching her grow and explore and learn her personality while raising our two year old has been the best time ever. 

albeit hard. 

and exhausting. 

those two together wear me out by the end of the day. but i feel so so very lucky that i get to stay home with them each and every day.

however, one person it hasn't been easy on is my husband. up until two weeks ago, he was in a job that was 100 percent travel. he would have home office days on monday's so he would see the girls but at least two and a half out of four weeks a month he was traveling somewhere overnight. whether it was a full week straight or random nights here and there throughout the week, he was gone.

now of course we knew this about the job when he took it back in july of 2014. what we didn't factor in at the time were the relationships between our children and him. addison absolutely adores her daddy and amelia is so happy to see him whenever he's around. but addison also has no problem waving bye bye to her daddy and understanding she won't see him for a few nights or a week. it breaks my heart when she says "bye dada, miss you".

it felt like we were constantly on borrowed time whenever he was home for two nights in a row.

so anyways, yeah this year has been so so busy. trying to find my groove with both girls has been tricky but i think we're there. we've had lots of visitors, lots of friends having babies, lots of trips to florida when andrew went down there for work, lots of trips to wisconsin to visit family.

we were lucky enough to go there for the entire month of july because our schedules worked out where we had to be there twice that month anyways at two separate times. so while andrew came back to alabama to work, the girls and i stayed at my parents or my in-laws place. it was so wonderful not to be so rushed to see everyone we wanted to and get that good quality time with our families.

andrew came back at the end of july for a wedding and while he was in wisconsin with us, he resigned from his travel job.

yep. straight up quit.

it was totally bittersweet because he was with a company he dreamed about working for since he was a child but when god puts another plan in your court that is hard to pass up, it's time to take a leap of faith.

god introduced andrew to someone who had enough trust in him to want to run a business with him and after a lot of thinking and talking this one through, we decided he couldn't pass this opportunity up.

however, with all the good this new career brings (he will be home EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!!), there is always a little roughage. 

his new office isn't anywhere near our house. 

in fact it's two hours away from where we live.

so, pretty much he's already moved out and is only home one day a week since now he's working six days a week.

as luck would have it, the day we came back from our trip to wisconsin, we received a call from our realtor saying we had an accepted offer on our house. 

if i wasn't a firm believer in God already, this would have made me one. 

yes, this month is easily going to be the hardest month of my life (and it already has been) with packing the majority of the house by myself and trying to get everything in order for this move (plus i am going out of town for four days for one of my best friends' wedding), BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel. we already have a place to live when we move and slowly but surely all the ducks are lining up in a row.

once things settle down and life gets back to another new version of normal for us, i'm really hoping to be back in this space more often. it always feels so freeing to tap out a good post and connect with others. but until then, i'll be swimming in boxes and babies. feel free to catch up with me on instagram @erinlauracampbell or follow me on snapchat @erincampbell225.

Monday, July 18, 2016


every time i go on a trip no matter how long i'll be away, i always over pack. it's silly because then i seem to spend more time stressing out about what to wear than it's worth. i want to fully and wholeheartedly enjoy my vacation when i'm on vacation right? i mean that's the entire idea isn't it? i don't want to be having to think about what to wear; i'd rather think about what adventure we'll take next or how much fun we're having in the now.

so with my upcoming trip, i started thinking about what i was going to wear and how i was going to pack for it. this is the longest i'll be away and i knew it would be absolutely foolish to bring as many outfits as the days i'll be gone. i'll have access to a washer and dryer so why not use it to it's fullest? and with that thought, i pulled out all my favorite items from my closet that bring me joy and are versatile and i set a number to it.


i'll be gone thirty days so i'm only allowing myself to bring thirty pieces of clothing. i'll tell you what; i'm bringing my mix and match game to the table because the clothes i picked out for my 30 in 30 with 30 challenge fit the bill. to a T. i concocted a bunch of different combinations (thirty to be exact) so if i'm feeling stumped one day, i'll just pull up this handy dandy post to tell me what to wear.
i think that was always my problem with the capsule wardrobe concept. i've always been able to pick out my pieces i want for the capsule wardrobe but i was never able to visualize in my head at a moments notice what those outfits would look like.

in case you're in need of some closet inspiration from yours truly, here's thirty outfit ideas for the summer! sources are listed at the bottom of the post.
you may have noticed (but let's be honest, probably not), that there are only twenty-five articles shown above (including the hat and three pairs of shoes). the other five include two swimming suits, a swimming suit coverup, a gray sweater and a light hoodie for those cool nights. i didn't style those into the outfits because those long sleevers will be a given probably every night. and the swimming suits/coverup? pretty sure those won't be styled, those will just be throw on and go.

i am bringing a small container of a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets but it's going to be quite minimal seeing as i don't wear much jewelry anyways.

i did exclude pajamas and workout clothes. i'm also going to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding while in town so i excluded those two dresses and shoes but outside of those three categories, what you see are the only things i'll be wearing. i'm actually super excited to not have to think about what i'm going to wear; i'll just be able to put it on and go.

now the girls on the other hand i always always always over pack for. not because i don't think they'll have enough but because they're clothes are so cute, i have a hard time choosing so i just bring it all!

sources: bad choices shirt // purple embellished tank // love strong shirt // white linen shirt // green vest (similar here)// light green shirt (old) // blue and yellow long sleeve shirt (old) // white eyelet shirt (old, similar here)// black tank (similar here) // chambray button up shirt // red and white romper // purple and white dress (old)// denim dress (similar here) // straw hat (similar here) // jean shorts // black shorts (similar here) // white shorts // blue checkered shorts // red striped skirt // dark blue jeans // light blue jeans // black sandals (similar here) // brown sandals // white converse shoes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


i've had snapchat for quite a while now but really didn't jump on the stories train until a few months ago. it has by far become my favorite social media outlet. not only is it fun to share videos with others but i love watching what other peoples real life looks like. completely unfiltered. i mean except for the glamorous filter and the puppy one and all that. but really, we get to see everyone's picture perfect life on instagram be not so picture perfect (if they choose to share). it's nice to see that all these people have screaming toddlers and messes around their homes too.

sarah tucker: sgmtucker // sarah lives in florida and therefore her feed is filled with beautiful blue beaches and little baby boys running around. she's definitely one of my favorites.

kristen miller from old joy: kristenmiller // kristen is absolutely hysterical. stay at home mom to three, loves to get messy and sing, most beautiful home but she is one who i was talking about who isn't afraid to hide her house messes or show up without makeup. girlfriend is as real as it gets.

lauren mcbride: laurmcbrideblog // i love lauren! she's hilarious and her snaps are so real and honest. plus she has the cutest kids and such a beautiful coastal farmhouse style.

leanne barlow from elle apparel: leannebarlow // i love leanne. she has incredible style and makes a ton of her own clothes. her snaps are so pretty and so is she!

valerie keinsley: valeriekeinsley // i love to follow valerie and her cute little boy and pup. they seem to live a slow simple life and it makes me want to step back and enjoy the little things everytime i watch her feed.

jacey duprie from damsel in dior: damselindior // jacey has style to die for plus she's hysterical and keeps it oh so real about working out. and the bachelor. and wine.

lauren bryan knight from aspiring kennedy: aspiringkennedy // adorable babies plus london and paris life. it's so fun to see what she's up to.

masha theone: masha_theone // the cutest kids you've ever seen, the most beautiful accent you've ever heard and the prettiest amount of grace you'll ever witness. i absolutely adore her account.

anna liesemeyer from in honor of design: annaliesemeyer // this mama is my idol. she has four babies with number five on the way, plus she's beautiful and is always so happy. i love following her life in georgia.

my snapchat isn't nearly as exciting and beautiful as the ones i listed below. it's filled with a lot of ordinary moments though if you'd like to follow along, my username is erincampbell225.

are you on snapchat?

Monday, June 27, 2016


time. it's such a funny thing isn't it? for so long i have been waiting for extra time. the perfect time.

waiting to print those pictures that have been sitting on my hard drive for three years.

waiting for the extra time to pray in the morning.

waiting to make that trip to nantucket that we've talked about taking for so long.

waiting to become a better cook if i only i had that *time* to focus better on it.

waiting for a chance to read that 700+ page book that looks so good.

waiting to be a better friend.

waiting for the right opportunity to visit a loved one, or even just make that phone call.

when we're little, time goes on forever. we're constantly wishing for it to move just a little faster so we can get to the next chapter of our lives. once i graduated college, time changed for me. it slipped through my fingers in the blink of an eye. i'll be entering a new era in two months and yesterday i swear i was only twenty-two years old. graduating college, not having a clue what would be ahead of me. and now here i am. married, two babies, living in a state i never thought i'd end up.

i like to make a new set of goals every birthday. august always seems like a good time to recheck myself as we close out a beautiful season and step into the last third of the year. but why wait for that time when i can start right now.

start to put down that phone and pull out that journal to write in book to read during nap time.

start to turn off the tv and get the rest of my to-do list marked off.

start to wake up early and enjoy the views of babies sleeping and the sun rising.

start to use my video camera more and scrolling social media less.

there's so much life to live and that's exactly what i want to do. i want to live life instead of staring at someone else's over a phone screen! i want to be content and happy with the beautiful time here on this earth god has given me instead of be jealous of someone else's beautifully curated pictures. as i stare at my sweet beautiful baby girls, they are a sure sign from the heavens that time stands still for no one. i don't want to miss a single thing in their lives. i'm looking forward to the rest of this year more than ever because right now is the best time to start living!
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