Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Thankful for:  Andrew was gone a lot this past week and when I got super sick and stressed with everything our lives have been filled with lately, my sister, mom and mother-in-law really stepped in and helped a ton.  I'm so thankful to have family so close to me who can literally run over here to calm me down when I am feeling so overwhelmed.  So to my friends and family who've been helping me these last few weeks, I love you and am so very grateful to you.

Reading:  I've been all about the Farmers Market magazine lately.  It's packed with the most delicious looking recipes around the town!

Feeling:  I guess I sort of answered this one already but I have been stressed beyond belief lately.  Between Andrew being gone for work and getting sick and putting our house up for sale this past Monday (more on this next week), and having to pack for our annual extended weekend camping trip, I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water.  I better pull it together though because life is going to keep going this full crazy speed for the next few months until things settle down.

Thinking About:  Because things have felt so MUCH lately, I haven't had time to let my creative side roam free and that's all I've been thinking about as of late.  My "to make" list has gotten to be a mile long and all I want to do is take a few days (weeks?) off of work and make stuff.  I know...who am I right?

Eating/Drinking:  I made an orzo salad last night and I cannot stop eating it.  I had to stop and catch my breath last night while watching TV because I was actually eating it so fast I was running out of breath.  The only people that were home were me, Addison and the dog but I was eating it like someone was going to take it away from me.  Slowwwww down killer.  And I've been all about drinking the chocolate milk too.  It's the first thing I want in the a.m. and the last thing I want in the p.m.

Watching:  Oh you know, I've got one more week of The Bachelorette and then I'll have to find a new show to binge on.  They really played up that Bachelor Paradise show this past Monday but it was almost too much.  In the first thirty seconds you see handcuffs and tears galore.  The only reason I might watch it was when I heard Marquel was going to be on it.  And we all know I lovvvve Marquel.  He's just a doll.  But still.  Maybe I'll finally catch up on Parenthood...I still haven't watched the last 8 episodes of the last season.

Listening to:  You want to dance?  Me too.  And I've been dancing to "Dance With Me Tonight" by Olly Murs.  Mwah!  It's a goodie!

Loving:  If I ever buy a beach house, I am going to fill our walls with prints from this shop.  This artist is so incredibly talented and I LOVE her work!  Another thing I'm loving...The four of us (four = me, husband, baby, dog) visited my sweet friend with the twins tonight and it was so nice to have all of the babies together playing.  I got to love up on my sweet godson and snuggle his chunk of a brother.  They are just the sweetest happiest babies.  I'm feeling so lucky that Addison will have such good friends to play with!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last night on our walk, Jack decided to take a moment.

He sniffed along the trees, he was running around in, found things satisfactory and then planted himself down right there in the middle of an island in the subdivision we take our walks in.  Belly to grass soaking it all in.  I think he was mostly just happy he didn't have a cone on his head anymore.

I was getting anxious and kept urging him to get up so we could head on back since my sister was at home with Addison but he just sat there happy as can be so I took a moment myself.

Eventually he got up lazily and sniffed every flower and tree and light post and dead animal he could find until we stumbled into the house and he crashed in front of the air conditioner unit.  Legs stretched out he looked at me, like old times.

Like it was just the two of us again.  I rubbed his belly and he rolled over just a little more, as if to say now rub that area right there mom.

The house eventually turned quiet after my sister left and the baby was asleep and it was just me and my puppy again.  We cuddled up on the couch, one paw resting on my leg and his head resting along my side.

This dog can be trouble and he can be mischief but he has also been the one who has taught me so much about life.  To stop and smell the flowers.  To not stay mad at anyone for too long.  To give lots of kisses when you still can.

Sometimes in life things are so obvious that it take me a minute to notice them.  Why wouldn't I give kisses to those I hold so dearly the minute I see them even though I think I am mad at them.  Why wouldn't I stop and smell the flowers, for they are only around for so long.  Why do I need so many toys and clothes and things, when I am happy with the things I have like Jack is happy with just a tennis ball even though he has a bajillion toys.

It was a good lesson from that still ole brown dog of mine with that scruffy nose and curly hair.  To plant a seat in the grass, maybe check out a bug and be grateful for the most simplest things in life.

Thanks for that, Jack.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


What are you up to this weekend?  My girlfriend and I are going to Six Flags Great America and I can hardly explain how excited I am!  We have planned this for the last three years and it’s never happened up until now.  Last year we even had a date picked out and when I found out I was pregnant, I tried to convince my doctor that I could still go and the flips and drops would be good for the baby.  Obviously she put a kabosh on that one.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing and here’s a few links I've loved lately...

Loose weight quick.

The perfect shooters for your next get together.

Suicide awareness legacy by America's favorite.

This video "Like A Girl".  It's powerful stuff.

All these rings are totally dreamy.

What being a BFF means in your 30's.

Cut grapes in half.

24 things we unexpectedly become obsessed with in our late 20's.

Keeping cool with these this summer.

My new computer background.

You are beautiful and wonderful and are mine.

This dress.

Refreshing Face Masks.

Milwaukee has a secret.

E & A in July

I love this photo series comparing Emma and Elsie’s favorites on A Beautiful Mess. I thought it would be a fun project to document Addison’s favorites and compare some mama and baby favorites every month.

This is what Erin and Addison are doing in July 2014.

Reading:  Defending Jacob by William Landay // Dr. Seuss Ciircus McGurkus

Playing: With my video camera settings // With her singing turtle

Eating: Ice cream sandwiches for dessert // Rice cereal

Wearing: Last season Target sandals // Crochet eyelet shoes (but she kicks them off a lot so mostly she's barefoot)

Listening: Happy as the Sun by Tyrone Wells // Fisher Prices Singing and Light Up Snail

Monday, July 14, 2014


And so another Fourth of July weekend is in the books.  Even if it was ten days ago.  Late holiday recaps happen when your computer and internet take a dive for the worst.  Who wants to read about Fourth of July the day after anyways right?  Regardless of technological problem it was a good one indeed.  One involving parades and music and festivals and bars and lots and lots of family and friend time.  Who else votes every weekend should be a three day weekend involving celebrations?  My vote is yes.  Always.  And on to pictures.

^^she was fine with just the sunglasses or just the headband but both?  whoa nelly.  and those rolls.  rolls for days.
^^our first fourth of july picture.
^^biggest and best music fest i ever did see.
 ^^i mustache you a question.  real mature.
 ^^hey there, you're a pretty good looking set of parents.
^^he makes it hard to get his attention.
^^ope.  got it.
^^dark and blurry pictures means it was a great night.  or it means i completely forgot about a pic with these fine girls until the end.  either way...documented check.
^^got to see this beauty while she was in town for the weekend too.  see?  told you it was one for the books.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I'll admit that I wasn't the most in tune person when it came to motherhood. I didn't know much about diaper genies or baby food and I certainly didn't know much about teething babies. Or how they put everything in sight in their mouths when they are teething. Holy goodness.

A few weekends ago, I went to Strawberry Festival with a good friend and her eleven month old. As we were walking back from the fest, I felt a gravitational pull to a tent called Chompy Chic Chewlery.  I was completely intrigued to learn about the teething necklaces that are completely safe for babies and keeps them busy without have to worry about your necklace breaking and still being fashionable. It IS possible mamas!!  I ended up having to buy a couple. 

They come in a fantastic array of colors and lucky for you we are teaming up to give one lucky winner a pendent of the color of your choice just by entering!  Use the rafflecopter to enter to win and answer this question below:  Which color would you pick?

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