Monday, July 18, 2016


every time i go on a trip no matter how long i'll be away, i always over pack. it's silly because then i seem to spend more time stressing out about what to wear than it's worth. i want to fully and wholeheartedly enjoy my vacation when i'm on vacation right? i mean that's the entire idea isn't it? i don't want to be having to think about what to wear; i'd rather think about what adventure we'll take next or how much fun we're having in the now.

so with my upcoming trip, i started thinking about what i was going to wear and how i was going to pack for it. this is the longest i'll be away and i knew it would be absolutely foolish to bring as many outfits as the days i'll be gone. i'll have access to a washer and dryer so why not use it to it's fullest? and with that thought, i pulled out all my favorite items from my closet that bring me joy and are versatile and i set a number to it.


i'll be gone thirty days so i'm only allowing myself to bring thirty pieces of clothing. i'll tell you what; i'm bringing my mix and match game to the table because the clothes i picked out for my 30 in 30 with 30 challenge fit the bill. to a T. i concocted a bunch of different combinations (thirty to be exact) so if i'm feeling stumped one day, i'll just pull up this handy dandy post to tell me what to wear.
i think that was always my problem with the capsule wardrobe concept. i've always been able to pick out my pieces i want for the capsule wardrobe but i was never able to visualize in my head at a moments notice what those outfits would look like.

in case you're in need of some closet inspiration from yours truly, here's thirty outfit ideas for the summer! sources are listed at the bottom of the post.
you may have noticed (but let's be honest, probably not), that there are only twenty-five articles shown above (including the hat and three pairs of shoes). the other five include two swimming suits, a swimming suit coverup, a gray sweater and a light hoodie for those cool nights. i didn't style those into the outfits because those long sleevers will be a given probably every night. and the swimming suits/coverup? pretty sure those won't be styled, those will just be throw on and go.

i am bringing a small container of a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets but it's going to be quite minimal seeing as i don't wear much jewelry anyways.

i did exclude pajamas and workout clothes. i'm also going to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding while in town so i excluded those two dresses and shoes but outside of those three categories, what you see are the only things i'll be wearing. i'm actually super excited to not have to think about what i'm going to wear; i'll just be able to put it on and go.

now the girls on the other hand i always always always over pack for. not because i don't think they'll have enough but because they're clothes are so cute, i have a hard time choosing so i just bring it all!

sources: bad choices shirt // purple embellished tank // love strong shirt // white linen shirt // green vest (similar here)// light green shirt (old) // blue and yellow long sleeve shirt (old) // white eyelet shirt (old, similar here)// black tank (similar here) // chambray button up shirt // red and white romper // purple and white dress (old)// denim dress (similar here) // straw hat (similar here) // jean shorts // black shorts (similar here) // white shorts // blue checkered shorts // red striped skirt // dark blue jeans // light blue jeans // black sandals (similar here) // brown sandals // white converse shoes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


i've had snapchat for quite a while now but really didn't jump on the stories train until a few months ago. it has by far become my favorite social media outlet. not only is it fun to share videos with others but i love watching what other peoples real life looks like. completely unfiltered. i mean except for the glamorous filter and the puppy one and all that. but really, we get to see everyone's picture perfect life on instagram be not so picture perfect (if they choose to share). it's nice to see that all these people have screaming toddlers and messes around their homes too.

sarah tucker: sgmtucker // sarah lives in florida and therefore her feed is filled with beautiful blue beaches and little baby boys running around. she's definitely one of my favorites.

kristen miller from old joy: kristenmiller // kristen is absolutely hysterical. stay at home mom to three, loves to get messy and sing, most beautiful home but she is one who i was talking about who isn't afraid to hide her house messes or show up without makeup. girlfriend is as real as it gets.

lauren mcbride: laurmcbrideblog // i love lauren! she's hilarious and her snaps are so real and honest. plus she has the cutest kids and such a beautiful coastal farmhouse style.

leanne barlow from elle apparel: leannebarlow // i love leanne. she has incredible style and makes a ton of her own clothes. her snaps are so pretty and so is she!

valerie keinsley: valeriekeinsley // i love to follow valerie and her cute little boy and pup. they seem to live a slow simple life and it makes me want to step back and enjoy the little things everytime i watch her feed.

jacey duprie from damsel in dior: damselindior // jacey has style to die for plus she's hysterical and keeps it oh so real about working out. and the bachelor. and wine.

lauren bryan knight from aspiring kennedy: aspiringkennedy // adorable babies plus london and paris life. it's so fun to see what she's up to.

masha theone: masha_theone // the cutest kids you've ever seen, the most beautiful accent you've ever heard and the prettiest amount of grace you'll ever witness. i absolutely adore her account.

anna liesemeyer from in honor of design: annaliesemeyer // this mama is my idol. she has four babies with number five on the way, plus she's beautiful and is always so happy. i love following her life in georgia.

my snapchat isn't nearly as exciting and beautiful as the ones i listed below. it's filled with a lot of ordinary moments though if you'd like to follow along, my username is erincampbell225.

are you on snapchat?

Monday, June 27, 2016


time. it's such a funny thing isn't it? for so long i have been waiting for extra time. the perfect time.

waiting to print those pictures that have been sitting on my hard drive for three years.

waiting for the extra time to pray in the morning.

waiting to make that trip to nantucket that we've talked about taking for so long.

waiting to become a better cook if i only i had that *time* to focus better on it.

waiting for a chance to read that 700+ page book that looks so good.

waiting to be a better friend.

waiting for the right opportunity to visit a loved one, or even just make that phone call.

when we're little, time goes on forever. we're constantly wishing for it to move just a little faster so we can get to the next chapter of our lives. once i graduated college, time changed for me. it slipped through my fingers in the blink of an eye. i'll be entering a new era in two months and yesterday i swear i was only twenty-two years old. graduating college, not having a clue what would be ahead of me. and now here i am. married, two babies, living in a state i never thought i'd end up.

i like to make a new set of goals every birthday. august always seems like a good time to recheck myself as we close out a beautiful season and step into the last third of the year. but why wait for that time when i can start right now.

start to put down that phone and pull out that journal to write in book to read during nap time.

start to turn off the tv and get the rest of my to-do list marked off.

start to wake up early and enjoy the views of babies sleeping and the sun rising.

start to use my video camera more and scrolling social media less.

there's so much life to live and that's exactly what i want to do. i want to live life instead of staring at someone else's over a phone screen! i want to be content and happy with the beautiful time here on this earth god has given me instead of be jealous of someone else's beautifully curated pictures. as i stare at my sweet beautiful baby girls, they are a sure sign from the heavens that time stands still for no one. i don't want to miss a single thing in their lives. i'm looking forward to the rest of this year more than ever because right now is the best time to start living!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


laughing at the moments when addison gives kisses to amelia. they're always big sloppy hard ones and amelia's face in the above photo is proof enough about what she thinks of them.

watching addison in constant awe of andrew these days.

eating all the avocado.

celebrating one of my best friends bridal shower in wisconsin this past weekend.

looking forward to her bachelorette party next weekend!

drinking all the gatorade and water and mother's tea.

enjoying our daily walks, even if it's becoming harder and harder to keep addison sitting in the stroller.

thinking about the giant black mark on my toe from the stitches that were taken out last week.

thankful that these toe surgeries don't put me out very long but

hoping that this will be my last one considering it's the third surgery in three years.

moving on from that talk though.

reading let's just say it wasn't pretty (i <3 diane keaton) and

next up on my reading list is hustle, believe, receive.

still listening to me before you but i've only got ninety minutes left so that will likely get done on our walk today.

excited to hear about netflix eventually adding in all the disney movies!

watching nothing in particular right now but when i do turn the tv on it's to watch love it or list it.

recommending young and hungry if you need a new netflix show. it was very good and very quick.

crying i'm laughing so hard at this video because i can totally relate if you change the panda to a child.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


yes. you read that correctly. i spent four hours driving down to florida by myself with two babies in the back so that i could turn around the next morning with the girls and come straight back home. i didn't even have time to take out my nikon we were there and gone so quick. it wasn't what we planned but sometimes things happen and you have to go with your gut and what makes the most sense.

but those 16 hours we were there. there were good good memories made. we stayed in the most adorable cottage that was right across the street from the beach. there was a pool about twenty steps from the door. we were on the first floor so we just rolled the stroller right in the door when we were done using it.

we swam in the pool when we got there. we had pizza and cheesey bread delivered for dinner. we took a walk on the beach to catch the sunset and it was the most perfect sky ever. and then the next morning as andrew was helping me pack up the car to come back home, the girls and i snuck away to the beach again to soak it all in. for selfish reasons, i looked out to the ocean and whined to myself "do we really have to go?". and as i was watching the kids out there bright and early with there shovels and pails, i knew addison would have had so much fun if we could just stay. but that girl. she was so terribly sick and it would have been hard. so at eight o'clock in the morning, we waved goodbye to andrew (he had to stay there for work for the week) and we hunkered in for another four hour drive.

next month though. we shall try again next month.

Monday, May 9, 2016


one of my favorite things about having a baby in our home is being able to create a place of tranquility and peacefulness. a place to retreat with the baby when the rest of the house looks like a tornado swept through it and there are more colors of kid toys than a toy-r-us store. a place to sit and rock and hum and sing quietly and just be.

these are all the things i had in mind when we started on amelia's bedroom and even though there are still some things on the wishlist (a nice big rug in the middle and some pretty drapes to flutter on the windows), this is where we are with her nursery and i'm more than satisfied with how it turned out. it's a simple space with simple but feminine decor and the soft pinks with the gold is exactly the perfect amount of girlie for our dear sweet amelia.

below i've included the sources of things pictured above in case you're interested :)

crib: ikea
dresser: old dresser restored
mirror: target
animal prints: the animal print shop
white frames: target
flower print with gold frame: oh joy for target
floor baskets: homegoods
pink and gold tassel: lovegarlands etsy shop
glider: amazon (similar at target)
crib sheet: target (old)
stuffed animals in crib: gifted from family
gold dot wall decals: land of nod
giraffe: similar found at pottery barn
marble shelf: cb2
gold moccasins: gifted but similar found here
stuffed bunny: anthropologie
pink dot piggy bank: tiffany's (gifted)

Sunday, May 8, 2016


i had to share this song and this video because it's so many thoughts and feeling and emotions all wrapped up in a song- my kids are truly the greatest gift i have ever been given in my life, they are my world- get your tissues, sweetest song ever!

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