Friday, September 12, 2014


what do you guys have going on this weekend?  the three of us are going to go to the last movie in the park of the year and i am so excited.  it's just one more item to cross off our bucket list.  i might be excited about fall but i'm giving myself until september 23 to finish that summer bucket list!  both our parents are throwing a huge sweet home alabama party for us on saturday too and i am thrilled about it.  it's going to be such a blast (and don't worry, i'll be back on monday with a lot of pictures i'm sure of it).  hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i've been loving from around the web...

this weather.  it's something else.

goals goals goals.

adorbs geometric banner.

i got this bag at the renegade craft fair in chicago last weekend and i cannot put it down.

give me all the flannel.

ain't that the truth.

this looks so yummy.

saw this card at renegade craft fair too and kind of kicking myself for not buying and framing her.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


at the beginning of june i was all about the upcoming summer. and for good reason. we have some really exciting stuff planned for the past three months and with a baby? i mean hello, i couldn’t wait to have addison try everything new to her and see her many different reactions on everything. we kicked it off with a summer bucket list that I’m proud to say i plowed through and only have a very few more things on the list and ended it with a backyard cookout over labor day weekend. landing in the middle was a family reunion to beat any other, a few camping trips, a door county family trip, a job promotion and a sign in front of our house that yelled out “buy me”!

i really do love the summer months. i love the extra sunlilght hours and i love that shorts and a tee makes an outfit. i love the tiny freckles and sunkissed skin. and man…this summer wasn’t even a scorching one like i thought it would be but it was perfect to me. but now the mornings have been a brisk touch of the 60’s and there has been damp windows when i get into my car for work. and i am realizing i’m excited about the cooler weather. i’m ready to layer up in sweaters and scarves and to cuddle addison close instead of having her sweat in my arms. we have some pretty fantastic things lined up these next two months including a trip to alabama to go house shopping (!!!) and i’m ready for it.

let’s do this autumn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


thankful for: how incredible god is.  last week we celebrated my grandma and great aunt (who are twins!!!) for their 87th birthday and quite honestly, considering their age they are in fantastic shape.  i mean sure they have aches and pains and a couple health issue but god is so good for giving them such good health and such a stealthy age.  and my grandma's wit.  oh she definitely still has it.

reading: ever so often i've been opening up It Starts With Food to get a little recipe inspiration. it's been sitting on my end table for about two weeks though and i still haven't read a full chapter.  this is what happens the minute your face touches a pillow though...even when you try so so hard to stay awake.

feeling: sometimes i get in this rut where i am constantly checking instagram and others blogs and even though i should feel more inspired by them, i end up feeling like i'm not good enough and everyone else's lives look so much more glamorous.  like why can't i take a beautiful shot like that, have a clever thing to say like that, have creativity like that.  do you ever feel that way?  i've been feeling that way a bit lately but this time instead of closing down instagram or the blogs that typically inspire me, i'm trying to embrace it and have them push me past this lull into something new and more creative that i can do.

thinking about: if i'm being honest, i'm thinking about our move soon. i keep researching alabama and the more i research it, the more nervous and excited and a little scared i am to move so far away to an unknown place.  have you ever been to alabama or do you live there/know anyone who lives there?  what's it like? if you live there, do you want a new friend? haha, i think i'm thinking too much into this. but seriously, when i move there do you want to be my friend? i will soooo need one.

eating/drinking: drinking a lot of water lately.  i started this a new clean eating program yesterday (i'll talk more about it once i'm past you know day two!) and i pretty much have to drink a gallon of water if i don't want a throbbing headache.  i've heard days three and four are the worst ones so i'm pretty excited that i'm about to approach those shortly.  or not...

watching: bachelor in paradise is the most boring awesome show ever.  but really.  there's no challenges and there is always drama and always always always tears.  and i don't even know why i'm watching it but i am.  and did you all hear chris from iowa is going to be the next bachelor?  we all know i loved him so yeah...i'm a pretty happy camper over here!

listening to: addison has this crazy weird sickness right now called hand foot mouth which has been causing her to be just fine during the day but at night she screams when going to bed.  it's in the back of her throat so it bothers her a lot more when she lays down.  and to answer this question i would have to say i'm listening to my crying baby.  who screamed in agony for two hours on saturday night. it broke my heart to see her like that and not be able to do anything about it.  it's slowly but surely on its way out though.

loving: the above painting is so dreamy and i just want to frame her and throw her up on my bare white walls for a splash of lovely color.  for my birthday, andrew got me a macbook air and i am love love LOVING it! i've never and a mac before so at time it can be a little frustrating (who are we kidding, it can be a lot frustrating) but frustrating as it may be i love it all the same.  she's a beauty and easy and so little.  sometimes i think i'm working on my i-pad and forget that it's a full size computer.


I wanted to share these pictures with you before this growing bean turned seven months!  We had the best photographer take Addison's six month pictures.  She was so patient and sweet considering Addison was completely interested in looking anywhere but the camera.  This babes is growing up so quickly and I'm so glad we have these pictures to cherish for years to come!

Monday, September 1, 2014


i'm dipping into a topic that i didn't think i would ever publicly write about. goes.

i always knew i would breastfeed.  actually i should say i always hoped that i would breastfeed.  "knew" is such a strong word and i'd never done this before so who was i to know that it would be for me or my baby.

it was hard.  good god it was hard for me.  those first few weeks.  a month.  it must have been.

the first few days in the hospital, easy breezy.  a lactation consultant came in to talk to me and i listened but in the back of my mind i kept thinking this is a waste of time.  addison is doing great and i know what i'm doing.  i don't need your help.  i was that person.

then we got home and everything changed.  i would dread to hear that cry of hers.  i would ask andrew to bounce her around a little bit more because maybe she just needed a little comforting.  i would try to convince him that she wasn't hungry.  and when i had held out long enough, i would sit in the rocking chair and cry as she fed.  i begged andrew to make it stop.  i would stop her halfway through because i couldn't take the pain anymore.

it's hard.  for anyone who tells you it's not hard and breastfeeding is easy, they're lying to you.

i finally had it one day and instead of calling a lactation consultant, i called one of my closest friends.  she had a hard hard time with breastfeeding but she stuck it out.  she was my inspiration to keep chugging along.  she's the reason i didn't stop.  after a long talk and lots of advice, i did a few of the things she suggested.  google also helped.  and a few days later, i wasn't dreading feeding my four week old.  in fact, i was looking forward to feeding her because it was finally an enjoyable experience.

a few months into breastfeeding addison, i was sitting in the rocker in her nursery that i always nursed her in and i noticed her feet were dangling off the side of my leg.  and i balled.  i cried not only for her growing so quickly, but for my selfishness.  i apologized for being a bad mom in the beginning when it came to nursing.  i weeped for making her suffer through my pain.  my heart went into it and the world got blurry and i couldn't stop the tears streaming down my cheeks.  i couldn't believe how selfish i was with feeding her.  who was i to make her stop eating halfway through because it hurt me?  i tore myself down and i destroyed myself with terrible thoughts on how i was a bad mom because, even though i got through it, i put addison through the selfishness of my pain.


it's hard.  but don't do what i did.  don't ever put yourself down.  you know what's right for you and your baby and MOST IMPORTANT, your body.

reach out though friends.  you can't do this alone.  and you shouldn't have to.  if i didn't have that support system, i wouldn't still be able to nurse addison on a daily basis at almost 7 months old.  so keep on keeping on.  and if you can't do it, don't.  it doesn't make you any less of a mom.  but if you can breastfeed, it's the most beautiful thing you will ever imagine.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


it's been quiet in these parts lately.  i've been soaking in every moment of this sweet soft summer.  it's scary how fast the months fly by the older we get.  the saying the days are long but the years are short couldn't ring more true.  i've been spending my days at work and my nights with my family soaking it all up like a sponge.

we still aren't sure how much longer we are going to be in wisconsin and it's only a matter of time before we pick up and move everything we own to a different state so i'm trying to be more intentional with my time.  have addison spend as much time with her grandpa's and grandma's and aunts.  sneak out of work early to pick up addison and take her to my favorite parts of milwaukee.  sometimes we go to the library before heading home.  sometimes we go over to our friends house to visit with her boys.  sometimes we head home to pick up the pup and take a really long peaceful walk in the park across from our house.  i wanted to be in the moment every day this summer because i really truly blinked and it was my birthday and now i'm blinking again and tomorrow is labor day.  and even though it's not technically fall yet, labor day has always marked the beginning of fall to me.  so, two more days of true true summer left.

a new season is upon us.  and even though i want summer to stay because i can't believe it disappeared as quick as it did, i'm ready to embrace the changes of a new season.  i'm ready to live in the moment and document it as it goes.  we have a lot of exciting things coming up and as much as i want to be a hundred percent present, i also want to be more intentional with this blog.  i want to get back to my writing and remembering for years to come.

and i want to embrace the fall season.  it's my very favorite.  because if i don't embrace it, it might just slip through my fingertips.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


What are you up to this weekend?  I am going to one more wedding to wrap up the summer season and I can't wait to have the baby stay with my in-laws so I can dance the night away!  It will be nice to just let loose a little.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here's a few links I've found from around the web.

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Great tank to wrap up summer.
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