Wednesday, September 2, 2015


i am in the season of life where a lot of my friends are either pregnant or just had a baby in the last six months. i was at target picking up a few things to get for a new mama friend and the more i shopped the more i kept wanting to grab all the things i wanted or had my first year that made a real difference.

this list was made without me even thinking about it. save it for your future new mama friends. i can guarantee she already has enough onesies.

energy bars or cut up fresh fruit or baby bell cheese or trail mix - she will forget to feed herself with a new baby around. and if she is nursing she needs to feed herself ALL THE TIME to keep her supply up.

hand sanitizing spray - for the unexpected visitors.

a great water bottle with a straw - easy access and even better if it's a glass one.

chapstick - her lips are bound to get chapped (possibly raw) without it.

facial wipes - to feel a little refreshed.

a set of thank you card notes - strange but she will need them.

a sheet of postage stamps - for said thank you notes.

pre (or post)-natal vitamins - great for a nursing mama.

an i-Tunes gift card - maybe not for music but for game apps that she finds herself playing on her phone when nursing or feeding.

nursing pads - nursing mamas will love you.

dry shampoo - showers won't happen every day so this will make things much easier.

lotion - for when her skin gets so so dry.

slippers - i lived in my slippers when i had addison.

mom's five second memory journal - a quick jot down of something she wants to remember; she will be happy she did this in the long run.

mindless magazines - she will likely find herself with more down time than she knows what to do with.

chocolate and wine - for none other than sanity reasons.

a package of headbands and/or hair ties

a good hearty home-made meal that she can heat up when needed

donuts if you visit in the morning

salad packed with protein if you visit during lunchtime

an offer to hold her baby and let her take a nap, take a shower, go run some errands, etc.

maxi-pads - for the first 2-6 weeks after she goes into labor. she likely will have bought some but definitely will have underestimated this.

big underwear - for the post delivery. she will absolutely appreciate this.

offering to take some candid shots of both mom and baby - they likely only have selfies (IF mom is even in any of them)

Monday, August 31, 2015


i am documenting a little of 2015 with some of mine and addison's favorite things each month.

here's what addison and i are doing (and loving) in august.
loving olly prenatals // straw cups only
wearing one size up forever 21 shirts // her new shoes (the only thing she ever wants to wear. ever.)
reading a roller coaster, a roundabout, and a road trip // pout pout fish (yes still)
playing with yarn // her nursery rhyme boom box
drawing pretty things with this book // with watercolors
happy to stand up in one of my best friends weddings next summer // to blow all the bubbles

interested in past months? january // february // march // april // july

Saturday, August 29, 2015


what are you all up to this weekend? we have friends coming in to town today to stay with us for a few days and we can't wait to show them around the city (and go on the boat a time or two before she gets packed away soon). hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i've been loving lately...

i read this book could be a lifesaver on trips for kids. i'm willing to bet that's accurate.

would you swim between these two buildings?

24 american behaviors considered rude in other countries.

a yummy milkshake (and cookbook!) for littles.

advice from someone a year younger.

we got this for addison and, though it's a little big on her, she still walks around the house with it on.

what are your small pleasures?

how our bodies change when a woman is pregnant!

rose lemonade sounds delicious.

because i have this magnificent garden bed waiting for some experiments.

anyone else ready?

image from style me pretty.

Friday, August 28, 2015


this girl. she has been giving me a RUN for it lately. this is such a fun age but my goodness. i can't tell if it's because i'm pregnant and feeling all the feelings or because she's living up to the nickname tornado that her daddy gave her but i swear she has good and bad days within MINUTES of eachother.

the other day she threw a fit when andrew gave her animal crackers instead of cheerios. full on lay on the ground and scream it out total fit. then she went to the pantry, grabbed the box of cheerios and shoved it in his face in a take that manner.

meals have been challenging lately. she's finally eating what we put in front of her again (she went through quite the dry spell where she wasn't interested in eating any meal) but it has to be when she wants to eat. if she isn't ready and i put her in the high chair, neighbors hear her screaming the next subdivision over. but five minutes after i take her out of the highchair, then she's ready to eat.

by the end of the days, we go on a verrrrry long walk around the neighborhood (mostly for my sanity) and once i put her to bed, i'm usually so drained that i sit down and just breathe. no tv on, no flipping around on my phone, no nothing. i just sit.

if this is what the two's look like, this stay-at-home mom may hire a nanny.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


i actually completed a few books this month! and i'm dog gone proud of it too.

hey natalie jean by natalie holbrook // i had big dream for this book. i've read natalie's blog for quite a while. like when it was called nat the fat rat long time ago. so when i heard she had a book coming out i was ecstatic. thrilled. i wanted to be the first to buy it. and read it. the book was good, don't get me wrong. i read it within a couple days. i took bits and pieces of advice but most of it i heard already. not from others. but from natalie herself. it seemed like a compilation of her blog posts published into a book. i liked it. and i have a list of things i want to check out (namely hair products) but it's not what i was expecting it to be.

make it happen by lara casey // now this book. i mean if you want a read that will give you a swift kick in the pants and make you get your butt to church to pray about how grateful you are to god and everything he offers, this is the one. lara gave us this book with hopes that we would improve ourselves but this book has done so much more than that for me. it's made me so grateful for what i have and makes me want to never ever push stop on something because god has given me gifts that he only gave me. and you just need to read this book. especially if you like interactive pull out your notebook and take a bajillion notes and then MAKE IT HAPPEN kind of books.

belly laughs by jenny mccarthy // i have about 30, at least, pregnancy books from when i was pregnant with addison. i read all of them and none of them way back then. i read bits and pieces and sentences and chapters out of each one but i never read one cover-to-cover. so i figured why the heck not this time around. it was a sweet easy read that i felt myself nodding to and laughing at because yep...i've been there.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

IT'S A.....(AND 23 WEEKS)

we found out a few weeks ago and wanted to keep it to ourselves...for about a millisecond. it's been hard not rushing over here to write all over this blog that we are having another girl but time and this summer and oofta it's been a busy one.

all three of us were at the ultrasound and we had the wonderful technician wrap the gender up in a sweet envelope with a big congrats on the front of it. we went out to dinner and ate sushi and addison threw food all over the darn place and we opened the envelope together and it said......

we are having another girl and we cannot wait! we both thought it was a girl from day one but when we saw the 20 week ultrasound and the baby was all jab-punch-but-don't-you-dare-take-a-picture-of-my-face like, we both looked at each other and changed our minds. it's a boy, we said. i don't know what it was but both of us were certain after seeing the little one that this baby was a boy. but nope! our guts were right! and we are ecstatic!!!!!

i am bummed i didn't start this sooner and i am even more bummed with myself that i didn't take weekly pictures when i was pregnant with addison so i'm starting to take pictures now of this bump of mine to remember. i am more than halfway through with this pregnancy (i don't even know HOW that happened) and i love being pregnant (even though i may not always seem like i do) and i missed the bump when i didn't have it. this may (or may not...i'm banking on may not but you can never be too sure) be my last pregnancy i get to experience so i'm embracing it. all the messiness of it. so anyways.

the little munchkin is the size of a grapefruit and is growing and growing and growing. she's kicking like crazy too which is fun to feel but in a please stop once in a while kind of way too. because when i say like crazy i literally mean she is kicking ALL THE TIME. and this pregnancy is way different than the last one. complete with nausea the entire first trimester and a few times of throwing up in the second trimester (isn't it only supposed to happen in the first trimester?).

and i cry. all the time. i cried when i was pregnant with addison but this, i mean, it's extreme. a month or two ago, i cried while watching deal or no deal because i was happy that the person picked the right suitcase. last night i was watching reruns of grey's anatomy after addison went to bed and i ugly cried over an episode where a little girl died of cancer. like truly truly sobbed, couldn't-catch-my-breath-gasping-for-air-can't-see-through-tears cried. i had to stop the episode and catch my breath and secretly prayed that addison would wake up from a bad dream so i could go in her room and cuddle her up.

i can no longer eat fried eggs or scrambled eggs or any kind of cooked eggs. a bad experience in le second tri left me no longer to even look at them. but hard boiled eggs? no issue with those bad boys at all. i'll eat them all day. last pregnancy all i wanted was chocolate malts. this go around i can't get enough olives (green, black, and kalamata) and pickles. i ate an entire jar in a day from a neighbor who thought they didn't turn out good. if those were bad pickles i NEVER WANT TO TRY GOOD PICKLES.

i decided to finally put away the regular non-maternity shorts after the button of my shorts popped off when i was trying to button em up. so i'm in maternity shorts. and dresses too. but the tops? i'm still rocking non-maternity tops. and i went shopping for a bunch of shirts in a size bigger than my usual at forever 21. those puppies are $3.90 so why wouldn't i buy a gaggle of them if not just for this pregnancy? my starbucks drink cost more than my shirt. sign me up.

what else...i haven't slept a full night sleep in the last three or four weeks. isn't that a little early to have insomnia? i think so. sleep is overrated though. and i've been getting a boatload of reading in so i'm alright with it i guess. our little girl is just getting me prepped early.

have i mentioned how excited we are that this little angel of ours that i'm carrying is a girl? addison is constantly pointing to my stomach and saying "baby" and my gosh if that's not the cutest thing in the whole wide world then i don't know what is. we are so so blessed with what god is giving to our family! over the moon us bama campbell's are!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


oh hi. did i start a health challenge six weeks ago? why yes. yes i did. and i had every intention of posting every week and i was excited about it. and then i left for a few days for nashville and then while i was there i got a call saying andrew's grandma passed and a day after i got home from nashville we went to milwaukee again and then we've had visitors non-stop since the beginning of august and i'm just now coming up for air.

so hi. i'm still doing my health challenge but let's call this week 2 for the sake of me completely skipping and a little slacking in the last few weeks.

ready to jump back into it? i sure am.
i switched up my workouts and have been doing the new CIZE program over the last few weeks. i have to preface that with saying i am NOT a dancer and dancing completely intimidates me. but you know what doesn't intimidate me? shaun t and all his you-can-do-it ness. so i'm doing it. you can watch some pretty embarrassing videos of me pretending to know what i'm doing. note: i never ever take my eyes off that tv. my brain doesn't function to remember this stuff. maybe someday it will. the last three weeks though i've been moving and shaking and bumping and laughing at myself because i just look ridiculous but i love doing it anyway.
i haven't been eating stellarly (is that a word?) lately with the company and the trips but when i AM eating good and consciously and without other people around, i'm all about the fresh tomatoes with a dash of salt. and salads. a lot of salads. and a lot of fruit. it's just so dang fresh right now and i can't get enough. but really i'm not eating enough of it so i'll just eat as much as i can. i'm ready to get back on it though and excited to share about what is on the menu for this week when i eat it all and share next week (almost thought i'd share it with you didn't you?) ;)!
i'm gaining weight and gaining inches. no shocker there. it's a good thing. i cheer a little whenever i gain another pound (i'm getting big though) but i cheer even louder when i get through a workout without having to take a break to grab some water. this pregnancy is knocking the wind out of me and shaun t has got me all i-can-dance-this-isn't-hard and my body is all you don't even know how to do the macarena SLOW DOWN PLEASE. so when i first started CIZE, i took more water breaks than anticipated. and they are growing less and less. so progress right?

see you all next week! i promise to be here. and if i don't you can all call me out and share my embarrassing videos on social media so i become a big ole laughing stock. thanks for following anyone even out there for this week 2 update (even though it's supposed to be week 7 but who slipped and feel off the boat? (meeeeee))
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