Tuesday, September 12, 2017

this girl i haven't done nearly as many posts on as i did with addison. second baby problems i suppose but i wanted to boast about her a little today because she is almost 21 months and she is literally a little dream boat!


Friday, September 8, 2017

last month, i was lucky enough to tag along with andrew on a work trip to los angeles. while he spent the days working, i toured around LA. we were only there for a few days, but we saw and learned so much! andrew came with me to see a couple things but i would love to go back there again because i feel like that is a city that you could explore forever and not see the same thing twice.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

day two of the girls going to school and it's raining. i didn't cry today. thankfully. yesterday i was a mess and sat in the parking lot for a half hour hoping someone would call from the school saying amelia or addison needed me. it didn't happen. nobody needed me for those short three hours they were at school. it's a good thing they didn't need me. but apparently i needed them. anyway. it's day two of them going to school and i'm sitting in the library looking out the window as it pours outside. it's nice to have some quiet time to collect my thoughts but after three hours of "collecting my thoughts" and running errands, i'm glad it's not longer than that before i see my little bugs again.


instead of jamming out to music lately, i've been listening to podcasts (or books on audible) when i do chores or driving. we have a 45 minute drive to target alone when we're at home and upwards of 20 minutes just to the grocery store. i have to do those drives regardless, plus chores are never ending with two toddlers, so i might as well stay well entertained or at the very least learn something while i'm doing these mundane tasks.

i wrote about some podcasts i've listened to before but that was well over two and a half years ago and even though those ones are still good and some i still listen to, i wanted to share some others great ones!

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