Wednesday, May 13, 2015


where is this year going? i can't believe we're already halfway through may and i haven't even shared this months goals. or just that we are halfway through the month period. how is 2015 disappearing so quickly? oh man.

april was a success. i'm going to chalk it up to a success. i was up between 6 and 6:30 every single morning to get a good long workout in and it felt so great getting it in while the house was still quiet. i was energized and ready to go for the day before addison even woke up and i didn't have to dread it all day long. best decision ever to become a morning workout person. 

i've got a giant tomato plant growing taller each day and there are already a bunch of teeny tiny tomatoes sprouting on her. someday i hope to have big garden boxes where i can grow a ton of fruits and veggies but for now my bitty tomatoes will make me one very happy girl. my next goal was cooking with word for that. bleh. i did it once and decided i don't like quinoa at all. the texture, the taste, the smell. i tried it and i can't do it a second time. so there's that. obviously no projects were shared so i failed at this goal but books were definitely read! books upon books! i'll have another book report out at the end of the month because y'all need to check out the good reads i've been loving lately.

i really tried to not bring my phone to bed but right after i made this goal i realized we don't have a clock/alarm clock in our bedroom so that didn't really work out. i tried to leave it on the dresser across the room before i went to bed but that was before i sat in bed with it for a good twenty minutes scrolling through instagram and reading blogs. i'm not giving up on this one though. i'm going to keep trying my heart out to leave the phone at the door (especially now that we do have a good old fashioned clock). our bedroom is slowly but surely getting decorated. unfortunately it wasn't a huge priority to me because all the cool decor things i envision for our bedroom come with a hefty dollar sign so i'm holding off a little there. i'm not bummed about it though. all in due time.

may goals are light this month. partially because the month is halfway over already (did i mention that already?) and partially because we have travel and out of town company here over the next two and a half weeks so this month my goals are more about play. sometimes you need that in life.

cheers friends and thanks as always for stopping by!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


what are you up to this weekend? we spent the earlier part of the week in florida so now that we are home, addison and i plan to do a lot of relaxing and maybe when andrew gets home tomorrow we will take the new boat out for a spin on the lake. hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i've been loving lately...

do you keep morning pages? i like the idea of it.

i'm reading this book and loving it.

10 ways to appear smarter in


how to get beach body ready.

behind the scenes of a styling shoot.

a funny mom's day gift.

an ode to rainy day hair.

i want to dress like her all summer.

what it's really like to fall asleep.

what do you think of this map of foods? (i haven't tried the alabama fried green tomatoes yet!)

5 things happy people have in their homes.

how to make barista-made coffee at home.

these cool tattoos have me on the verge.

things i definitely thought of first.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


i've got four things on my mind right now (it's monday afternoon).

the next three weeks are going to be complete and utter madness. we have some close friends coming to visit next weekend for a long weekend and we cannot wait to have them here. then the weekend after that we are going back to milwaukee for a friends wedding (and lots and lots of family time). then the weekend following milwaukee, we have a few other friends coming down with their little boy for five days. it's going to be a fun hectic busy busy may.

our boat. it's the coolest thing ever. i mean i was all nope we aren't retired, we don't need a pontoon boat but now it's sitting in the driveway taunting us and yelling hey take me out on the water and we are all okay if you insist. so we did. and addison did great. and andrew couldn't get the smile off of his face. and me, yeah i'll take our retired boat...she's pretty fantastic.

eating the best egg scramble ever. it's two scrambled eggs, a spoonful of quinoa, a handful of cheese and a scoop of sour cream. it tastes like a baked potato. or fried rice. all i know is i've been eating it by the (huge) bowlful lately.

dreaming about the next big thing i (think i) have planned. i'm about 85% there, the other 15% is convincing andrew it is a good idea. if i plan on going down this path, i will definitely be chalking it up to it being my big venture for 2015 that was on my 2015 goals. stay tuned.

i'm all over right now. spring fever and all that jazz. hang in there. good stuff is coming.

Monday, April 27, 2015


lily jade diaper bag // mama bird tee // triangle earrings // hey natalie jean by natalie holbrook // west elm marble and wood candleholder // anthropologie neon basket planter // gap chambray dress // gold bar necklace

the internet sure has been looking pretty lately and i was bookmarking things that i would love to get myself but never do, i thought it would be fun to put a little collage of things i love. you know, just in case the husband needs ideas for mothers day or something (wink wink).

natalie's new book has been on my wish list since the day it came out. in fact i even had "natalie's book comes out today" written in my planner on the day it was released but refrained from buying it in hopes that it would show up in pretty brown paper wrapping on mothers day. here's hoping. those earrings are so cute and i've been loving the gold dainty stuff lately so those along with that necklace are pretty good looking to me. and that mama bird tee, i mean come on. who wouldn't love that? happy last week of april sweet friends!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


what are you up to this weekend? andrew took addison to run a few errands this morning which means some quiet time for me and this afternoon we are going to the neighbors house for a little crawfish boil. this thing about living in the south...i don't hate it. especially the food involved! hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i found that i love lately...

a perfect brunch drink.

raw honest non-medical-but-incredibly-informative advice on preparing for childbirth by one of my very favorite people.

i'm in need of new workout shoes.

this is probably the coolest thing i've ever seen to keep kids busy in the kitchen while you cook.

agree wholeheartedly with everything in this post.

loving emily henderson's advice column.

thoughts on protecting my children.

what beautiful wooden bowls.

5am flowers.

movies and their food pairings.

Friday, April 24, 2015


i am documenting a little of 2015 with some of mine and addison's favorite things each month.

here's what addison and i are doing (and loving) in march.
 enjoying: no reason flowers and a card // sliding down her slide in the living room
 loving: writing in this book every weekend // on her fox 24-7
 playing with: my ipad and pinterest // her stroller
 reading: a new earth // the angler magazine (mostly ripping out pages and handing it back to dada)
wearing: these old navy sandals pretty much every day // adidas kicks

interested in past months? january // february // march

Thursday, April 23, 2015


you've been warned by james patterson // this book was one of those that i picked up on a wednesday and by saturday morning i was done with. i was in the middle of finishing the shack and the body book and needed something simple and light because those two books were a little heavy and once in a while i needed a break. while i love james patterson books because of the suspense and super short chapters (you really do feel like you're flying through his books) i didn't particularly care for this one. it had some weird twists and plots and it was one of those that i just kind of shook my head trying to figure out what was going on in this main characters head. not my favorite but i'm glad it went quick and it was a good break.

the shack by wm. paul young // hmm. i'm not really sure where to begin here. i really enjoyed this book but a third of the way in to it, it got pretty heavy. the shack started off with a story about a man who lost his little girl while trying to save his other two kids when they're canoe flipped in the lake and the little girl was never to be found again. he always blamed himself and had terrible negative feelings after her death but one weekend left to go to the place they found the last traces of her and ended up being entranced with God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus. it was good but it was a lot deeper than i thought it would be. it moved me in a way i didn't think it would but i definitely had to take a lot of breaks from it to let it soak in. i enjoyed it a lot but it probably won't be something i pick up again.

the body book by cameron diaz // i talked about this book a few weeks ago and wasn't sure i was going to review it but i figured why not. this book rocked. it changed my perspective on what i put into my body. this book is not a diet book. this book is not a book that lays out an eat this not that meal plan. what this book is is a book that explains what foods are exactly and what they do to you when you put them into your body. it doesn't say if you eat a lot of sugar, you'll get fat or if you don't drink enough water, you'll dehydrate. it does tell you the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs and it does tell you what sugars are good and bad for you. it tells you what your body goes through when you eat a ton of saturated fats. it's extremely informative and makes you think twice (or three or four times) before you throw that pint of icecream into your shopping cart at the grocery store. it's making me look again and again at my pantry and making me get rid of things or eat them in moderation.

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