Tuesday, September 30, 2014


i've never had much of a home office space before.  we have a desktop computer so it's always been a shared area and it works out well for us.  but being that all i do is pin images of things i want to do or spaces i want to create in our next house, it was inevitable that the time come where i am dreaming of some sort of home office more than anything.

it doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy.  all i do is blog and pay bills but just a nice sweet place i can hide for an hour or two after the baby goes down.  a place where i can keep all my pretty images around me and will fill me to the brim with inspiration.  the above spaces i can't get enough of an find them absolutely stunning.

i mean those wall hangings and inspiration boards.  pinch me if i can ever create a space s luxurious.  and all that white in the third picture is literally breathtaking.  someday maybe.  someday in my dreams.

ps. how is it that i can take a few images regarding home decor and turn it into a sappy sentimental mess?  aww geesh erin.

images can be found here

Friday, September 26, 2014


these tops from whistle and flute are looking so so good for my little (and future littles too)! that ice cream tank just kills me.

my wallet is looking a little empty.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

28 BEFORE 29

and here we are. thirty-six days after my 28th birthday. i have been talking about being more intentional with my time lately. about doing instead of just thinking about. so that's exactly what i'm going to be doing.

over the next year i am going to be tackling 28 projects before my 29th birthday. these are going to be personal projects or gifts that have more meaning to me than just buying something off the shelf. this is pretty much sky is the limit right now (but food is excluded) considering there is a lot going on in my life with work, the baby, selling of the house, andrew starting a new job, you-name-it-i'm-sure-i'm-encountering-it. included from itty bitty projects to big things.

this whole idea and inspiration came partially from this print i recently purchased and partially from elise who did a project similar to this but with different guidelines.

i can't wait to dive in and try some new things finally instead of just thinking about them. and now that i'm putting it up here i'm going to stick to it and post each of my projects as i complete them. if you've been around long enough, you already know accountability is key for me in accomplishing anything. i hope you find these projects as enjoyable as i will!

come back next week for the first project!  it's going to be made this weekend for our new house and i can't wait to share how it turns out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


thankful for a great realtor. a really really great realtor.

reading this is where i leave you. i’m only a few chapters in but it’s so good so far. i also didn’t realize it was a movie either until i saw it on the news a few nights ago so right when i finish the book, you’ll find me in the theater. with a giant bucket of popcorn.

feeling sore because i’ve been running again and it hurts so good.

thinking about how to cram everything i need/want to get done in after addison goes to sleep and still have time to blog and be in bed by ten. this eleven o’clock bedtime isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

eating/drinking grilled veggies and coffee. not together.

watching desperate housewives on netflix until the new shows start premiering. the new season of parenthood start tomorrow night and i am so ready for it again. there looks like there’s a lot of good shows that are going to be starting. any recommendations for what’s good this season or what you’re looking forward to? parenthood is the only one on my list so far (unless i can get caught up with the last season or two of grey’s anatomy, then i’ll add that one back to my incredibly short list).

listening to sniffles from my baby. last friday addison woke up with a terrible cold and it’s still kind of lingering. it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise that we didn’t go to alabama this past weekend because vacation plus house hunting plus a sick baby sounds like a true recipe for disaster.

loving good friends that may live far away but still just get you. even when it’s via text message.

image found here

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Happy first day of fall friends!  It's finally here!

Get ready for your social media feeds to be filled with the same pictures for the next two or three months.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, colorful leaves underneath knee high boots, and flannel.

Seriously. Even though it's pretty much the same thing every year I never grow tired of it.

Take me to a place that is fall every day of the year and I would be one happy happy girl.  I can't wait to cross off every one of these bucket list items too!

Do you make a seasonal bucket list?  What's on your fall to-do list?

Here's my bucket list from summer.

Monday, September 22, 2014


my love for etsy shops have blossomed in the past year or so. there is truly nothing better than purchasing something from an individual whose blood, sweat, and tears went into making something by hand that they are truly passionate about. i would much rather support a small business rather than a big company because you know that (most) people are in it for the right reasons. plus it feels good to say that your new item is a one of a kind (or two or three or four of a kind) and you can’t buy it in a store; you have to buy it from the sellers shop. so really when i buy/receive things from a shop on etsy, i make sure people know it so it drives business for that seller. here are four of my very favorite etsy shops lately (and of course some things that i am lusting over).

old english: this shop is the jack of all trades.  it has a little of everything for everyone and i want it all.  this mug and this tea towel especially.  and speaking of tea towels, what does one even do with a cute tea towel when you don't actually want to use it?  anyone have any cute ideas on how to display them?

rouge and whimsy: i bought this polka dot and leather handbag a few weekends ago at the renegade craft fair in chicago and can’t stop wearing it. it’s so small and simple for on the go when i don’t want to grab my giant purse and the giant diaper bag. this one is on my list to buy for a certain someone for christmas!

bluhm’s gardens: our photographer that did addison’s six month pictures is honestly the jack of all trades. she has five children (and has managed to keep them all alive – superwoman in my book) plus she has a photography hobby that is growing into a small business and she also runs this handmade shop where she creates headbands and hats for littles. she sent addison a headband and though it’s a smidge too big still i can guarantee she’ll be wearing it nonstop once that head of hers grows a bit more. i’m itching to get this one and this one too for little a. she’s becoming quite the trendsetter when it comes to rocking headbands.

pen and paint: i have adored lindsay's paintings and prints that she creates for so long and a few weeks ago and finally purchased this one for myself. i plan on making a cute rustic frame for it and displaying it in our new home. i’m dying to get this one and this one too. someday soon i’m sure!

baby jives: i discovered this shop before addison was born and have been lusting over one of these mobiles ever since. i still haven’t got one yet and by now she probably doesn’t need one anymore but someday soon i’m still going to buy one. it would just look so dang cute hanging in a corner of her room don’t you think?!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


what are you up to this weekend? our plans fell through and i'm probably going to be wallowing in my pajamas.  mostly because we were supposed to be visiting our new home state but selling a house is hard business and sometime things don't always go as planned ya know?  anyways hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i’ve been loving from around the web…

to the girl who made me cry.

not the usual kind of post that i would gravitate toward but so glad i did.

thoughts on whole.

10 lessons i've learned in my career.

glad i found this post.  perfect timing.

me too bridget me too.

emily does it again.

5 ways to improve your handwriting.

i feel like i've posted about this before but these shirts.  oh man.  i want every one.

no need to speculate.

the whole dang j. crew fall line looks stunning.
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