Friday, June 16, 2017

i never appreciated what city living was like when i lived in wisconsin. i used to live only fifteen minutes away from downtown and i always hemmed and hawed about what a hassle it was to go downtown because there was never any parking. this still stands true but i never realized how much i took it for granted until i moved out of the city and state. and since i left wisconsin three years ago, the city has boomed with new everything! new restaurants are constantly popping up all over the place, just about every park in the area has some sort of music or movie every week and any given weekend from may through august you can always find some sort of festival or fair going on. it's unreal. we've had the greatest time here thus far and it's so much fun showing our kids the fun things we used to do here in the summer. basically i love it here and miss it so much but i'm also so thankful we get to spend so much time here and i try to soak it all in and do all the everythings that we can!


Friday, June 9, 2017

we are no strangers to traveling with young kids. in fact our first lengthy road trip was taken with addison when she was just shy of three months old. now that we live quite a ways away from family and it's extremely pricey to fly four people, we have become well versed in the classic road trip. our most recent trip was the beginning of june when all four of us and the dog packed ourselves into the minivan and drove from north carolina to wisconsin. twelve hours of driving with an 18 month old and three year old used to give me the shivers. what a nightmare that sounded like! who would do that to themselves?!

we've traveled this way so many times now that i have quite a bit of knowledge about what works and what doesn't plus a few tips and tricks! it also doesn't make me start to hyperventilate anymore ;)

i thought i would share some tips today in case you're planning a road trip with kids this summer!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

it's officially here! summer in all her sunshiny warm glory is upon us and our clan couldn't be more excited. long days filled with fun and smiles and happiness galore. we left alabama to move to north carolina and three days later we all packed up the rig one more time with floaties and swimsuits and anticipation to see all the nanas and papas and aunties and friends of wisconsin. twelve hours later everybody fell out of the van and were welcomed with soft grass and crisp clean air.


Monday, June 5, 2017

woweeee what a busy month may was! we said goodbye to andrew when he moved to north carolina in the beginning of the month, packed up the house, had our last days of tumbling class and swim lessons for both girls, finished addison's school for the year, packed a house to move to both a storage unit and to a new house in north carolina and also moved out of our house earlier than anticipated to hang out with andrew in north carolina for a few days before road tripping it up to wisconsin.
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