Thursday, November 27, 2014


happy thanksgiving sweet readers!

thank you for making this space so precious to me and for coming back to read all the time.  it's been a great reminder to start each day feeling so grateful!

ps. if you're braving the crowds of black friday tomorrow (or tonight in some cases) you may want to read this first.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


well first and foremost i'm not going to be pregnant this holiday season so...bottoms up!

last year i went absolutely bananas on the blog with christmas everything.  it started with this awesome giveaway for black friday followed by a how to survive black friday post. then we got into the real juicy stuff like gift guides for every single family member or person i could think of. i also threw in a christmas movie list, playlist, diy gifts to make, a christmas quiz, homemade gift wrap and a delicious cheery recipe that makes my mouth water every time i think of it.

good thing i did all that last year because this year? shiz ain't gonna happen at all. i mean, i have all to do to get this house in halfway decent condition and start painting every room in this place (because this tan color that has taken over every square wall space of this house makes me want to go blahhhh) before our parents come for the holidays.  and...yeah that's in less than three weeks.

because 2014 has brought me chaos coming out of my eyeballs and i've slacked with gift guides when i could have been doing them the whole year, i'm just going to refer you to some really great ones for the next couple weeks when i see them.  you don't mind right? why should i try to accomplish something only halfway when there are some absolutely incredible ones out there already?

no worries though, regular posting will continue.  it just won't look all merry and bright as last year.  more like here's some paint on a brush and cookie cutouts i sliced from a roll and stuck in the oven what's up now! it's cool right?

Monday, November 24, 2014


dear addison,

happy nine month birthday sweet baby love! this is hands down the most fun age so far! you are incredibly intrigued with everything and you love to get into everything too.  you're pulling yourself up onto furniture, and let go every once in a while but quickly grab back on when you don't have your balance. you clap your hands all the time and say uh-oh no matter what the situation is.

you started doing this shaking thing with your head a ton.  at first it was only to music but now you don't even need music to dance around, you do it all on your own. you talk all the time to us and are still just as smiley to strangers as you have been since day one but now when people talk to you, you dig your head into my chest and get a little shy.  it's the sweetest and i feel like such a proud mama.

you've learned how to give hugs now and it's simply the best. your dad says i carry you around a lot but i know that i'm not going to be able to do it much longer so i try to carry you as often as i can. you have started throwing the ball for jack now and he fetches it and drops it back in front of you. i know there are still days when you bother him to no other and he needs his space (you're constantly chasing him) but i can't wait until you two become best friends. i can already see the bond and the love you have of him.

you have been quite the trooper since we moved out of our house three weeks ago. since october 30th, you've stayed in seven different places whether it was hotels or grandma and grandpa's houses and you've really done well considering we've moved you everywhere. granted you have been waking up once or twice a night since november 7 but i can't really expect much since there has been so much change. aside from the sleeping thing, you've adjusted just fine.

you crossed one more state off your list this past month when we went to florida for the week and were able to play in the sand of the ocean for your first time.  born to be a barefoot babe you are.  refusing to keep those shoes on and soaking in the sun and really had the best time at the beach those two days that we went there.

you love: your fleece blanket (even when its warm), peek-a-boo, any kind of fruit, puffs, trying a taste of mom and dads food, throwing the ball for jack, FaceTime with grandma/grandpa/aunts, crawling at the speed of light, getting into anything you shouldn't be, playing in the tupperware cupboard, smiling at strangers, making new friends, my watch, sitting on my shoulders, wagon rides in your miniature wagon, baths.

not a fan of: green veggies but i make you eat them anyway, getting strapped in to your car seat - i thought we were getting past this but it doesn't look that way, sitting still, having your diaper changed unless you have a distraction.

keep growing little one! it's so much fun to watch your little life take shape and see your personality develop!


Friday, November 21, 2014


please excuse the quietness around these parts this week.  we moved in to our new house on wednesday and are swimming in boxes while trying to keep up with a baby and a dog in a new town/new state.

i'll be back on monday with a whole bunch of good stuff for ya.

have a beautiful weekend friends!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


what are you up to this weekend? we are spending our last day in florida bouncing around enjoying seafood and toes in the sand (even though it was 55 degrees here yesterday).  we're headed back to alabama on sunday and closing on our house on tuesday so yayyyyy!!!  have i mentioned how much i hate hotel living and can't wait to get into our house?  haha...i know it could be so much worse though. anyway i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here are some link i love from around the web...

jesus wept.

a guide on when to wash everything.  finallllly this is in my life.

give me all these cute ornaments.

my coffee would look awful pretty in this mug.

my girlfriend sent me this list and i couldn't stop laughing.

gold dipped log candle holders.

i'd wear this so hard.

TOMS for target!!!!  ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

a complete baby food guide.

loving this subtle color for the season.

such cute pants to lounge in.

this whole outfit right here. give me it all.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


random person: "so addison, when did you realize your mom was a crazy book lady?

addison: "oh man. tough call. but i think it started november 13, 2014...the day she took me to barnes and noble and let me rip all the books off the shelves for two hours while sipping a coffee."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


making: time for the beach, lists of things to do once we can move into our new house...
drinking: sanpellegrino
reading: my bloglovin feed.  i finally have time to catch up during nap time and after addison goes down for the night.  i'm sure this feeling won't last long though seeing as we are living in a hotel room right now and there is nothing calling my name to do during those times.
wanting: the entire threshold line at target.  we went there the other day for flip flops (who goes to florida and forgets sandals??  this girl apparently) and i went up and down every aisle that had any threshold item in it.  oh man i want it all.
watching: the waves crash at the beach because hey we were there all day yesterday and we're going back today just as soon as addison wakes up from her nap. 
listening: kenny chesney's new cd.  and it's delicious.
eating: at restaurants or take-out for every single meal.  and my body (and weight) are starting to take a toll on me.  i can't wait to have a kitchen so i can do some real life cooking.  i've already got my list made of recipes i plan on trying once we move.
smelling: jack's throw up (tmi?)
wishing: i was moved into our new house already.  i know this is all starting to sound the same but i really hate hotel living with a baby and a dog that has major anxiety.  it's so not a good time. 
enjoying: our time on the beach in florida because on sunday we're headed back to alabama.
loving: my new job as stay at home (or hotel) mom.  spending days with addison are seriously the best.
hoping: jack doesn't have explosive diarrhea again while walking to the beach later today.  was that tmi again?  welcome to my new job.
needing: a laundromat but not very willing to pay $2 for one washer load and $2 for one dryer load so i'll just be buying more clothes until then.
feeling: a little sad.  one week ago today was my last day at my job and it was bittersweet.  still thinking about it but i know this move and decision for me to stay at home was the best best best for our family.
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