Monday, October 17, 2016

i'm not really sure why but i am having the hardest time decorating addison's room and making sure it is toddler appropriate. i had a difficult time in the last house too and when she moved to her toddler room, it never was completed (or let's be honest, started) before we moved. i am determined to get it right with this house though and soon, especially since we aren't going to be here a very long time!

we spend a lot of time in this room since the majority of the girls' toys are in here so i want it to be a fun zone. i thought it would be best to pick out a rug that is kid friendly and has lots of fun happy pattern and colors in it first and go from there. these are the five rugs i loved best while scouring around the web. they were all so cute and are so perfect for kids rooms. there's lots of pattern and color in them. because let's be real, the more pattern and color there is, the easier it will be to hide the stains that are bound to hit the rug at some point.

the white and black one doesn't have as much color to it but it sure looks so chic and would look great in an older kids room!

i can't wait until it gets here. she was so excited about amelia's rug when it came so i know she'll be even more excited about having her own rug!

which one is your favorite? any guesses which one i chose for addison's bedroom?

sources: rug one // rug two // rug three // rug four // rug five


Friday, October 14, 2016

and just like that, our little cheeky girl is ten months. i don't even know how it happened. but isn't that what we always say when they're this young? the time goes so so quickly when they're so teensy tinesy. i'm not sure if it's because of the season of life we're in or what. but truly, i blinked and this bubs had six teeth and was standing on her own (actually the standing part was just last week but still).
things that are so fun about this pumpkin that i don't want to forget:

how she taps on her head when she nurses or takes a bottle...

she thinks giving high five is the funniest thing ever...

peek-a-boo is another fave...

how she plays with my gold necklace whenever i'm baby wearing her...
how she shoves her face into your chest when she's really tired...

and then sleeps with her face down in the mattress with her hands underneath her forehead so when she wakes up she has the impressions of her fingers and fingernails on her forehead...

her favorite foods right now are beans, string cheese, cottage cheese, basically anything cheese, pancakes, blueberries, vegetable soup, shredded chicken, toast with raspberry jam or peanut butter, eggs...
she's constantly sneaking addison's toys away from her...

she has been a sippy cup champion since about 7 1/2 months and no straw is safe anymore with her around...

she actually keeps her bonnets on, not headbands but at least she likes the bonnets...
she hardly ever cries...

she laughs a ton when she gets kisses from jack (often)...

she's completely fascinated with her sister which makes my heart swoon (and also scares me a little on what she'll pick up from addison)...

her favorite toys are not toys. wooden spoons, magazines, tupperware, really i'm not sure why we invest in actual toys...

she still has the brightest blue eyes i've ever seen. they may be even more blue than when she was born...


Thursday, October 13, 2016

toddler eating: tough stuff. i know many moms who find it daunting and if you don't, then god bless you and your child. i was not blessed with a toddler who likes to eat what i give her. mostly addison eats what we eat for meals (with bribery and it taking five times longer than it should) and i almost have amelia eating the same thing we eat too with the exception of a couple things. i used to make her individual dinners from what andrew and i were eating and that was when she refused the most. now that she eats what we're eating, she's much more interested.
in her early toddler years, i worried about her nutrition a ton because she was so active but not as interested in eating. i thought i'd share some tips and tricks i've learned through my experience and hopefully it will help you if you're child is having difficulties too.
tips and tricks for toddler eating:

1. get them involved. bring a chair or step stool to the counter and let them make the snack with you. take it out of the package or bag, put it on the plate, whatever!

2. present it to them in a fun way. i know this may take a little extra work but it's worth it. take a cookie cutter and make that sandwich into a shape. put pretzel sticks in their hot dog coins to make it more fun. put the crackers or raisins or anything else small in easter egg containers so it's a surprise when they open the container.

3. add something they really like. for example addison loves avocado so i usually include a little avocado with her meal and when she asks for more, i'll tell her she needs to eat the rest of her meal before she gets more.
snack ideas for your toddler:
1. veggie straws // big hit with addison

2. blueberries // so sweet and little they can just pop them into their mouth

3. hard boiled eggs // such a good snack filled with protein

4. applesauce pouches // easy to access and no clean up!

5. avocado // a really good and healthy fat - this is addison's FAVORITE!

6. cute up apple // she almost always requests an apple slice for walks

7. cheese sticks // we're big cheese lovers in our house

9. granola bar // particularly the kind bars she loves but really she will eat any!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

the last of the boxes have been unpacked and we're slowly settling in to this new place we are learning to call home. seeing as this is now our third house we've lived in, i'm realizing you can't just walk in to a house and call it home. you have to get to know it; learn the house. and let it learn you.

over the last two weeks, i've come to understand its sounds. like when it sounds like someone is rapping their hand against the front door, it's really the air conditioner kicking in (that one scared the life out of me the first time). or when there's a small "sssssssss"ing sound, the oven is just taking its sweet time to warm up. or when it sounds like the door is slamming to the garage, that really is my toddler letting herself out and i've learned to use the deadbolt pretty quickly.

pictures and wall decor are starting to make their way out of the bubble wrap and on to the walls, one 3M strip or nail at a time and i'm liking it. for the first week, we didn't have anything on the walls and it was driving me crazy. the echoing in the house was too much and it felt like we were living in a box.

the week before we moved from our old house, i sold almost all of our furniture. our beds and dressers stayed and a few other odd end pieces but everything else went on craigslist. we moved from a five bedroom house to a much smaller three bedroom place and as much as we loved the pieces we had, it was also time to let go of them and start fresh. the hand me down dining room table and chairs that needed a little more lovin' than i could give them, our old ikea couch that had one too many spills on it (thank heavens for covers that just came off and were popped right into the washer), our guest bed that we didn't have a room for anymore. my point is, between the lack of things on the walls and absolutely no furniture in the living room until a few days after we moved in to our new place, it was making me a little nutty.

i'm typically one to take my time with unpacking and decorating. i mean, really what's the rush? we're not going anywhere right? well this time it's different. i wanted to get boxes unpacked and make it feel like ours asap for two reasons. one- we have kids now and as much as i like to take my time unpacking and organizing, i would much rather make the place feel like home right away for them and go explore our new city. two- we aren't going to be in this house long. it will likely be less than two years before we move again and luckily we knew that when we decided to relocate so we're renting until we figure out where we want to settle down. plus it will be so so nice to not have to deal with selling a house again. it is strange though to rent a house. i've always been able to make the place mine because i've never rented a house. normally my first thought is paint color and replacing a light fixture or what we're going to do with the kitchen or how we're going to change this or that. now i don't have to think about any of that stuff and it's a nice welcome.

all that to say we're getting to know this new city and home. it's a slow process and one that hasn't not had its pitfalls and rough days but we're working through it all as a family. and that's just the way it was intended to be.
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