Happy November Weekend

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What do you have going on this weekend?  Andrew is coming home tonight after being gone for the last week for work and I'm excited to have a little time with him.  I went shopping and bought a ton new beauty products so I'm going to be testing those out too.  It's hopefully going to be a low key weekend.  Hope you have a great weekend whether it's slow and relaxing or busy and here's a few links from around the web that I've loved...

The top five foods for healthy hair.

This lady's book came out this week and I can't wait to make every recipe from it!

5 ingredient muffin recipe with one of my favorite ingredients in it.

I can't wait to dress my baby up for Halloween next fall!

A Michigan tattoo!

Craving these fried bananas now.

How popcorn took over the movie theaters.

And would you make flavored popcorn?

Happy half-birthday cake!

Skootcase...I WANT ONE!!!!!!

Studies show men in love walk slower.

I finally know what to do with the jar when a candle is gone.

What your drink says about you.  (This goes along nice with the post I did last week!)

The 101 best written TV series of all time.

When kids cover their eyes, they think you can't see them.

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