Dream House

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Challenge topic for today is five things in a dream house which I debated even including but then I figured why not?  We can all dream right?  I have an incredibly long list of things I want in my dream house and I know I'll never find this house unless we build.  And even then it still probably won't be what I envision it to be!

Here's my top five things I would love though...

  • A farmer's sink:  Seriously those sinks are GORGEOUS!
  • A double oven with a heating drawer:  I never thought this would be a big thing for me but when we hosted Christmas at our house and it was a major juggling act...yeah.  Double own with heating drawer isn't even optional anymore.
  • Floor to ceiling wine fridge:  Because, you know - wine.
  • Walk in closets:  We currently live in a 1940's style house that have closets that can hold 20 shirts.  I want a closet I can have a dance party in for pete's sake.
  • Wrap around porch:  I figured if I can have a wrap around porch I can always be in the sun.  Plsu I would love to be 70 and rock my grandbaby on the front porch swing.  It sounds like bliss.

What's on your dream house list?

Images from my Pinterest boards.


  1. I almost put a wrap-around porch on my list too! I'd settle for any big, cozy porch though :)


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