Road Trip Musts

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five things you won't leave home without when going on a road trip.  That’s the Challenge for today.

1) Licorice - Growing up my mom always had licorice in the car for any road trip.  I can't leave on a long trip without it now!
2) Updated playlist - Because road trips equals jamming out.  Even when the baby sleeps.
3) Notebook and colored pens - With so much time driving, I usually get my best brainstorming done then.  The last road trip we took, Andrew and I listed everything we want in our dream house.  It's unrealistic probably but still fun to dream!
4) Magazines - I try to bring books but can never actually read with the music and a husband who always wants to talk.  Magazine flipping though?  That I can do.
5) TOMS - They're the most comfortable shoes to throw on and go at a bathroom break stop and to kick off when you want to curl up for a snooze.

What are your top things to take on a road trip?

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