Taking Stock

Monday, May 19, 2014

Today on the Challenge: a Taking Stock post from Pip's beautiful blog.  Go to this link and copy/paste the template to your blog, then link up here!

Making : time to work on my Project Life book. 
Cooking : not as much as I should be.
Drinking : coffee.  A lot of it.
Reading: The Dinner. 
Wanting: to buy new clothes. Ever since I have been able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I feel like they aren't grown up enough now. 
Looking: for a little time to read more. 
Playing: peak a boo with Addison and ball with Jack.  
Wasting: time on Pinterest. 
Sewing: nothing but making plans to sew a scrap tutu. 
Wishing: for warm weather. 
Enjoying: my new cars sunroof. 
Waiting: for a decision to be made about our future. 
Liking: the mornings more and more. 
Wondering: what Addison will sound like when she talks. 
Loving: that work has a room specifically designed for pumping. 
Hoping: that we can get rid of more clutter in our house. 
Marvelling: at Addison and her amazement when she discovers new things. 
Needing: shampoo that doesn't make my hair fall out. 
Smelling: freshly cut grass 
Wearing: a new top from The Loft. I think it's my new favorite store. 
Following: a lot less blogs so I don't feel overwhelmed.
Noticing: the tulips blooming.
Knowing: that tomorrow is a day closer to a four day weekend.
Thinking: that I want to lighten my hair for the summer. 
Feeling: happy. 
Bookmarking: nothing. 
Opening: a package of breakfast biscuits. 
Giggling: at the YouTube video of a bunny eating raspberries. 
Feeling: curious about what's around the corner.


  1. Freshly-cut grass is one of my favorite smells :) And I am always hoping to de-clutter too...

  2. Freshly cut grass and tulips blooming... definitely a sign that spring is here and hopefully here to stay!!


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