Monday, July 14, 2014

And so another Fourth of July weekend is in the books.  Even if it was ten days ago.  Late holiday recaps happen when your computer and internet take a dive for the worst.  Who wants to read about Fourth of July the day after anyways right?  Regardless of technological problem it was a good one indeed.  One involving parades and music and festivals and bars and lots and lots of family and friend time.  Who else votes every weekend should be a three day weekend involving celebrations?  My vote is yes.  Always.  And on to pictures.

^^she was fine with just the sunglasses or just the headband but both?  whoa nelly.  and those rolls.  rolls for days.
^^our first fourth of july picture.
^^biggest and best music fest i ever did see.
 ^^i mustache you a question.  real mature.
 ^^hey there, you're a pretty good looking set of parents.
^^he makes it hard to get his attention.
^^ope.  got it.
^^dark and blurry pictures means it was a great night.  or it means i completely forgot about a pic with these fine girls until the end.  either way...documented check.
^^got to see this beauty while she was in town for the weekend too.  see?  told you it was one for the books.

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