Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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New month, new goals!  But first a quick recap on June...

1)  Make a Pinterest board of all the projects I want to make in 2014...and start making them!  Pinterest board updated...check!  Any of the projects started...nope.  Hey I got the fun part done at least, right?
2)  Drink 60 ounces of water daily (at least).  I know I drank more water than I normally do but definitely not 60 ounces.  Nope.  Definitely not.  I think this will forever be on my goals list.
3)  Read three books.  Success!!!  See yesterdays post to see which books I read!

Now on to July!!!
1)  Do at least four things from my summer bucket list.
2)  Complete my own version of the 1,000 Minute Challenge.  I haven’t been able to be active since the first week of June and even then, I wasn’t moving as much as I should have been.  Since I can’t do any swimming for the next five weeks, I think I fell into the mindset of since I’m not going to be in a bikini anytime soon, I don’t need to work out.  Derp derp…wrong Erin!  This is the best time to get my butt off the couch because I can really work out hard (if I push myself) and no one will see results (or no results) except for me.  Erin hosted a 1,000 minute challenge in June but since I wasn’t able to participate in it, I am going to do my own version of a 1,000 minute challenge in July.
3)  Not buy lunch (or breakfast) at work for the entire month of July.  It’s so easy to not pack a lunch and buy one (as it is for breakfast) but I am quickly realizing the more I don’ pack a lunch, the more money I’m wasting on crazy expensive (not even very good) cafeteria food.  I’m hoping to make it a priority to make lunch every night for myself before I go to bed and make meals on the weekends that I can take for work throughout the week.  That should hopefully help out the breakfast and lunch situation.

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