Tuesday, February 24, 2015

i am documenting a little of 2015 with some of mine and addison's favorite things each month.

here's what addison and i are doing (and loving) in february.
drinking: coffee darker than my usual // from her zoo cup
eating: a banana every morning // animal crackers
playing with: my new stamp // her baby doll
wearing: slippers all the time // only one shoe usually
reading: the body book // rosie revere engineer

interested in past months? january


  1. Addison's shoes! Still obsessed!!!

    How is The Body Book? I added it to my Goodreads list but don't know anyone who has read it yet.

    1. It is the best health book I've ever read. I have the entire thing highlighted and it sounds so silly but it makes me think twice about what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising. I needed some sort of change with my health habits and this book gave me the kick I needed. For real Nadine read it!!

    2. I am so glad to hear that!! That sounds like just the thing that I need in my life right now, thanks so much! I am going to bump it to the top of my list!

    3. No problem! I think you'll love it! And now I can finally talk about it with someone when you finish! It's so dang eye opening. Okay I'm don't preaching about it!


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