Saturday, June 20, 2015

hi hi!!! do you see this? two days in a row!!! see? better. i'm getting better. ish. i mean i'm not giving myself credit but...yeah i guess i am. what are you up to this weekend? andrew has been gone the last two weeks (minus the weekend) so he took addison to a museum this morning so i could have a little quiet time. i'm getting my haircut later on too (insert a thousand exclamation points and dancing emojis) and we're going on the lake sometime tomorrow for father's day. if it was up to the daddy of the house we would have spend the whole dang weekend there! hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few links i've found terrific from around the web...

talk about an extraordinary gender reveal party.

i've never been much of a wallpaper lover but this i can totally get on board with.

this is totally going on next weeks menu.

finally a gorgeous one piece swim suit.

sometimes i like to dream about our next home. and this chandelier always appears in those dreams.

it's fun to dream in images about your next vacation. actually it's always fun.

i soooooo want to try it.

i died laughing. maybe it's just me. nope. andrew thought it was hilarious too.

i'm quite certain i've linked the j. crew pom shirt before but none-the-less, it's just so dreamy.

life is hard as a toddler.

(photos from downtown from behind)

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